Makeup Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

When it comes to beauty, color is a major inspiration in spring/summer 2013. Makeup is regarded as an accessible means to highlight not just your features, but also your personality and attitude. So this is the time to transition your makeup bag for the new season with new beauty trends. Fortunately spring/summer season gives two options to women; less and more. You can use colors in more or less combination to highlight your features which you would love to draw attention to. You can also go with a natural look by just making your features prominent with a colored eye pencil and lip balm.

Trendy Colors

This year the hot colors are various shades of blue and peach. Pink color in different shades is also inspiring and makes a huge come back. Bright pops of the color on either the eyes or cheeks will be the stylish look for spring 2013. Bright yellow or muted orange is also a great option.

In this season beautiful skin will be most popular. People spend a lot of money on beauty products for skin care. Use BB creams to give your skin a cleaner and fresh look.


For eye colors, this season is all about sky blues and emeralds. You can use them in combination too. Metallic sliver and golden eye shadows are also the color to reflect heat of the summer and to give a gorgeous look. Colored liners with winged outside corner are also very much in style. Aquamarine shade pencils on lower lash line without any makeup gives very visible and fresh look. But don´t forget to use double lash mascaras with extra effect as this is definitely the season of long lashes. Also grow your brows to give your eyes more charming and attractive look as thin eyebrows are gone now.

You can use eye pencils to give your brows a thick look.  A lined inner rim and smudged color under the eye gives high impact on the overall look. The emerald green eye pencil gives a unique and fresh look too. Bright blue eye shadows are a big hit, as we have seen in runway shows and also included in our favorite makeup brands. So don´t miss out on this trend!


If you think red or orange is too intense for your lips then it is the season to try out these colors because these are going to be hot in this season. Velvety scarlet, bold coral or vibrant fuchsia is the shades of this summer, with matte finishes and intense pigmentation. Fuchsia color is one of the best choices to use for lipstick.

However neon shades are also showing up everywhere this season. Add a pop of vibrant color to your lips and for a lusher look you can apply gloss over it, finishing with a bright concealer to accentuate your lip line.


For cheeks bronze tone or pink color in different shades gives perfect signature look for spring/summer season. Mostly makeup artists use pastel shades and peachy tones because they shimmer and stand out more in this season. However, for a more stand out look fuchsia, purple and orange tones will go well too.

Use colors of the season with a perfect combination by focusing either on the eyes or on the lips while keeping rest of the makeup modest.

Spring/summer 2013 is almost here with much brighter and bold colors, so be ready to try bright eye shadows and colorful shades of lipsticks. Sky is the limit to what you can experiment however your option should be stylish and elegant. You can play up with different shades to be in style and to get a fashion forward look.

Spring/Summer 2013 makeup trend carries vibrant and hot colors we can´t wait to try for. Spring/Summer is all about experimenting new colors and brings out best in creativity.

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