Mahmood Aslam’s Clarification Over Death News

On Wednesday night, a social media user spread false information about the death of legendary actor Mahmood Aslam, upsetting his supporters and loved ones. The Bulbulay actor responded by posting a video to deny the allegations and reassure everyone that everything was great. He criticized the dissemination of erroneous information and advised people to check the news before posting it online.

Afterward, Aslam responded to the rumors on Instagram. He said, “I am Mahmood Aslam, breathing, fit, and living in front of you,” in the one-minute video footage. He expressed displeasure at the untrue rumors about his passing and pleaded with people to stop spouting them without verifying their veracity.

He continued by saying that while circulating such offensive rumors may amuse some people, it may be extremely upsetting for the actor’s friends, family, and supporters. Before spreading unsubstantiated news, he asked people to take into account the possible emotional impact on individuals who are linked to the subject. The actor added that while writing about deceased people may be fine, spreading false information about those who are still living is not.

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