Legend Alamgir & Naeem Haque Talks about their New Music Video

Q1: How Old Song Is This? When And How/What Was The Inspiration?

Ans: First recorded around 1984-85. When composing this song i was inspired by Bob Morley.

Q2: What Is The Strength Of Your Music & Why It Is Still Alive In Youth?

  • Timber quality of my god gifted voice.
  • Always good melody and poetry.
  • Sing from my heart

Q3: Pervious International Concerts and Future Plans?

Bangladesh, England and USA.
Randomly perform in various countries every year. Some of the countries to mention are Bangladesh, England, UAE, South Africa and USA.

Q4: Are You Ready For Films Play Back Singing?

Ans: Yes. Since Pakistan has started to make good movies, waiting for songs to be introduced in future productions.

Q5: How Was Your Experience With Director/Model Naeem Haque? Or His Story

Ans: Boarding On Your Music & Conceives the Idea on the Song Lyrics?
I was not taking Naeem Haq seriously in the beginning when he told me about to direct the music video of my song "Tum Hi Say".

So I gave him the track of the song just to know of his story boarding & creativity. But when he came back to me with complete concept in details with graphical story boarding. That time I was instantly very impressed and started to take him professionally and gave him go ahead.

So finally we are friends now and Inshallah be collaborating to make more videos in the future. I wish him all the luck as he has the talent to be one of the finest actor & creative directors in the future of Pakistan.

Q6: What Is The Expectation From This Music Video?

Ans: As millions of my fans including the ones who grew up with me and my new young fans started to follow me once they heard the new "Keh Dena" that I sang with the Canadian Chinese singer, now must be waiting for the next video; so here comes "Tum Hi Say" directed by Naeem Haque.

Q7: What Is Music For You?

Ans: Music is attached to every part of my life. I eat, sleep, dream, and think of music every day.

Q8: Why Pop Music Is Down Day By Day?

Ans: We lost the balance of all kinds of music. Too much of the same kind of music will kill it anyway. But future looks good as other types of music is picking up slowly and started to be liked and promoted like Sufi songs, folk songs and semi classical songs.

Q9: Your Favorite Type of Music? Etc.

Ans: I love all kinds of music. Any music from any part of the world that sounds nice to my ears.

Naeem Haque’s Interview:

Q1: Model/Directors Point Of View.

Ans: Now it’s a time for movies so I planned a story board which connects to films, where can explore maximum act naturally according to film style shooting.

Q2: How Did You Choreography This Song on London Streets?

Ans: I think i am a good observer, whenever on various locations; my brain does work in public. How i can play with the audience or which kind of propes can we use in London streets with people roaming around etc.

Q3: Why Did You Choose This Song of Alamgir?

Ans: His music touches the heart, also there is a huge margin for romantic performances.

Q4: Are You Interested For Films In Future.

Ans: Yes, I know that i made for films. I want to collaborate these legends with film.

Famous fashion model Naeem Haque and Pakistani pop legend Alamgir talks about their music video “Tum He Se Hua Hai” with Fashion Central.

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