Latest Trend In Fragrance

To have a good fragrance has become the need of the day. Modern fragrance began in late nineties. But now you can see increasing demand of people for new fragrances. Every brand is trying its best to produce best fragrance. Use a fragrance is included in fashion now-a-days. A number of variations can be seen in fashion and style with time as  trend in fragrance is also a new thing.  New year 2013 came with many new trends. A lot of fragrances have made an entrance on the market in the beginning of this year. Have a look on latest trends in fragrance.

Farm stand

This is an incredible fragrance of 2103 by a perfumer Agnes Mazin. This perfume has a fragrance of tomato leaf and rich earthiness of moss. Its hues reflect colors of harvest vegetables. The colors of this perfume are mixture of colorful fruits and vegetables.

L’Occitane en provence cerisier papillon

This fragrance is truly an excellent marketing decision because this fragrance is very elegant and fresh. The latest notes of this fragrance have some extremely delicate aroma of fruits.

Hypnotic poison – Eau secrete

This is not a new fragrance but has been in demand for last fifteen years. A fragrance with more than fifteen years of history is now back with Eau secrete. It’s a very stylish and elegant perfume in a fantastic presentation which has notes of jasmine, fruits and little touch of vanilla.

Oscar de la Renta – something blue 

This is a very elegant scent. This fragrance is not stylish but very stylish. It is created to be worn in every moment of the day. Oscar la de Renta has mainly floral and mandarin notes.

Roberto Cavalli Acqua

This is an awesome fragrance which is an enigmatic and classy combination of jasmine with musk. According to experts this fragrance is the turquoise successor of Roberto Cavalli Eau de perfume.

Fendi Palazzo

This is the best fragrance that can be use for all occasions. This perfume is enticingly both bold and feminine. This perfume has fragrance of combination of rose, orange blossom and pepper.

Bill Blass

Bill Blass is the perfect fragrance for working going people. This perfume has notes of pink hyacinth, Lilly of the valley, tuberose and jasmine. The fragrance is simply beautiful. This perfume gives a refreshing fragrance that smells like fresh cut flowers just picked from the market. This light fragrance with a stylish bottle not only makes you beautiful but also your dressing table.

Diesel Fuel for life

As reflecting from its name, this has a very energetic, vibrant and fruity fragrance with the notes of black currant jasmine and patchouli. Its fragrance gives you fuel and make you feel more energetic. When you need an instant boost, you can use this energetic fruity fragrance.

Valentino Rock n’ Rose Couture

Valentino rock n’ rose couture is one of best perfumes of this year that has stylish fragrance. This perfume’s bottle is designed in such a beautiful way that attracts people towards it. If you are going in any special occasion then you can use this fragrance to make you feel more special. This scent combines succulent black currant with rose, gardenia and musk for a slightly naughty feel.

In today's world, for many people the focus of beauty and fashion does not only come in the form of clothing, hairstyles or even cosmetics instead trendsetters are creating their own unique choice in fragrances. Like trend in other fashion, latest trend

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