Komal Rizvi launches a patriotic song for the first time

Ms.Rizvi has been watching the current happenings in the political arena and has been feeling frustrated and helpless. She wanted to make a difference to her nation without being affiliated to any political group. She wanted to help by at least motivating people around her!

She says that every Pakistani must do their bit, no matter how little, to make a difference to their nation. From not breaking a red light, and not littering on the road, all the way to freedom of speech, fighing for your basic rights, and standing up against anyone who is cruel or immoral or unjust!

She goes on to say: "I am a firm believer that people of this nation- deprived of proper health care facilities, decent education, even something as basic as respect for life are all innocent and deserve better than all their leaders have managed to provide or promise to them so far. 

I pray that whoever wins, whatever happens, happens for the best for the people of Pakistan!! Ameen."


In this Nazm Ms.Rizvi has represented her own take on the wonderful Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Nazm “HUM DAKHAIN GAY” Originally sung by the awesome Iqbal Bano and by doing this she hopes with all her heart to motivate the youth, the movers and shakers of our society, our "people", to stand up and make a difference! No matter what it is they believe or who they believe in they should make their voice be heard! She wants desperately this nation be a true democracy and prays that everyone may be brave enough- tall enough- strong enough- to fight injustice from anyone!

This new motivational Patriotic song could not have been done without Saad Hayat for the fabulous job on the music production, Yasir ejaz for the guitars, Bradley d’souza for the bass guitar, Shahid bhai for the amazing tabla pieces, Anas Hashmi for the fabulous direction of this last minute project and last but not least Paf Kiets University and their kids for their support!

In the future, Komal Rizvi who prides herself in being a versatile vocalist and one of the best live stage entertainers in the industry in Pakistan today, is very excited about her next song in coke studio! After launching a Sufi album with Saregama HMV India, three international tours, one Punjab tour, one film song launch in the Norwegian movie The System, One talent hunt show, launching her new song and single Kalli Kalli, her collaboration with Indian pop band Maatibaani etc etc etc… After this fabulous motivational Nazm Hum Dakhain Gay… she hopes that her song, in collaboration with Akhtar Channal Zehri again is just as big a hit as her first project in season 4!

komal Rizvi has been watching the current happenings in the political arena and has been feeling frustrated and helpless.

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