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There still exists a home video of a nine-year-old Komal Rizvi at a friends’ birthday party. She is standing right in front of the camera, clad in a long, puffy polka dotted frock, oblivious to the festivities around her and deeply involved in a little show of her own: a dance number! The meticulous attention to her moves and adoration of the camera is difficult to miss. “The germs were there from the very beginning,” recalls Rizvi laughing, “And I love it!”

Rizvi has always loved being center stage. From a nine-year-old dancing queen to an actress in a popular drama serial when she was sixteen – to a singing sensation at eighteen and now a TV show host, Rizvi’s career has been a roller coaster of performances, and she has enjoyed every moment of it.

Rizvi was born in Dubai and raised in England and Nigeria. She came to Pakistan as a teenager and embarked on her career as an entertainer while still in school. During this time, alongside preparing for her A Levels Rizvi acted in a popular drama serial Hawaaein and released her first pop album called Bauji. Later, while enrolled at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Rizvi appeared in a number of television plays. She then jetted off to Bombay to host a show for a popular Indian music channel and simultaneously released her second album titled Parbat.

Now, after a long hiatus, Rizvi returns to the limelight, showcasing her talent at Coke Studio this year. Commenting on her relationship with music the performer states, “My relationship with music has always been a personally rewarding one.” Rizvi recently released a single titled Chahiye and is currently working on her new album set to launch by the end of this year.

1. Which empowering factor coined such an impeccable singer we know as Komal Rizvi today?

That’s really sweet of you to say that. There is nothing more powerful that your pure intentions and love for music, coupled with an amazing family and God’s blessings:).

2. You started your career both as a singer and actress, what drove you to be a singer later on?

I love acting and singing both. I love doing lots of things actually… hosting too. But I was born to sing… and the adrenaline I get from singing live on stage is unrivalled from any other experience. I didn’t choose music, music chose me.

3. You have earned such a dauntless fame up till now, how do you define it secretly?

Blessed and gifted by God.

4. You have been one of the former VJs of channel [V] India, how did you managed to be a part of it?

I was selected from a show reel I sent them of my music videos and MCC hosting. It was one of the most exciting experience of my life at the time.

5. The force you acknowledge behind your success or the people you credit as your gurus or mentors?

I don’t have any idols or ideals. One makes their own path. And I truly believe at following or copying someone or something spells the death of creativity. But I give all the credit to my family for their unbelievable support.

I have the utmost regard, admiration and respect for Rohail Hyatt for the amazing platform he has created almost single handedly. There are many people I admire a lot… people like Sultana Siddiqui, Ghazanfar Ali, and Khushbakht Alia are to name a few.

6. You have such a bubbly and cute face, up to what extent it is working, you think?

Working? Hahaha! My face is my face, I have never tried to change it only tried to become healthier. Whether people like it or hate it, is something I don’t spend any time pondering over. One can only worry or plan for things they have the power to change:).

7. You have been to Bollywood when others could only dream of it, what made you get applause there?

I really can’t imagine what! That’s for my friends and fans to tell you! Or for respected journalists like you judge

8. Apart singing, what are your plans in near future?

I am very excited about my ‘COMEBACK’ serial so to speak! I have sung the OST for it myself. And it has been taking up a lot of time of late. I have worked really hard on it so I have a lot of hopes for it too. I absolutely loved the story. So I’m hoping the audiences like it too.

9. What career height you still wish for?

I am eternally grateful to God for everything he has given me. For he truly has given me everything I could possibly wish for. Whatever height I may reach in the future is his call. I can only work hard and do my best to perform and sing what I love to the best of my abilities:).

I will be happy regardless.

10. 3 words to describe you as “Komal Rizvi”

3 WORDS? Lol! Definitely not enough dear. But lets see….

Ambitious, Loyal, Idealistic 

11. 5 things people do not know about you?

I hate early mornings.

I don’t take criticism well even if its constructive.

I have a keen dislike for snobs

I would spend all my excess money on travelling and exploring the world

I am inherently quite lazy although I constantly trying not to be.

12. What makes Pakistani singers unique in world or the best thing you admire about Pakistani singers?

I don’t know really…. It’s a good question. I guess Pakistani Musicians feel that because music is still not readily accepted in culture we have the need to work that extra mile… and consequently we become better at it than the average musician…. (We as in Pakistani musicians, in general.)

13. What do you think attracts Pakistani artists stepping out of Pakistan?

The ONLY THING that forces us to accept invitations from outside of Pakistan is the fact the the media and our audiences do not give their own countrymen celebs the ‘superstar’ status until we go abroad 😉

14. What does your melodious voice mean to you?

It’s a gift from God… I certainly don’t take care of it and polish it as much as I should.

15. The song you ever wished to sing but could not?

Soooooo many dear!

  • Aaj Socha tho Aansoon Bharaaye-Lata.
  • Mujse Pehli si Mohobath. Madam
  • Unbreak my heart. Toni
  • My Immortal- Evanescense.
  • God the list is endless!

16. Favo-meter

a) Your favorite singer
Too many

b) Your favorite food

Everything fattening and unhealthy

c) Your favorite holiday spot
All the places I haven’t seen yet. Sydney, South of Spain, and Turkey as of now.

d) Your favorite time pass
Apart from music, dancing, diving, horse riding, chilling with family, Cinema going!

e) Your favorite celeb

Too many.

17. Any inspirational advice for Pakistan youth?

Try to constantly stay happy, genuine, and grateful, everything else will follow, promise.

Fashioncentral exclusively talks to singer Komal Rizvi on her come back and brings forth some hidden aspects of her life.

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