Kid’s fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2013


 December is the month of frost, and parents want to make sure that their children look great in their winter fashion. Following are fall/winter trends that will surely be big in 2013. Simple to follow and trendy to look at, these simple trends will turn your baby into a little fashion icon!

Kids do corporate chic:

Nothing can compare to the cuteness of a kid in adult’s clothing. Inspired by that idea, the trend of adult winter apparel in kids specific size and style is a huge upcoming trend. Think blazers, cardigans, sweaters and trench-coats for kids.

Catalogs for the popular children’s brands Jambini and Minnie Minors for 2013 showcase long trench coats, knee length cardigans and blazers for children. Invest in classic pieces such as a coat in an evergreen cut, or a corporate style cardigan that can be recycled for several falls and winters over the years. Such apparel can be appropriate for casual as well as formal.

Bold colors (color blocking):

Remember that while children look adorable in adult styles, yet as they are kids they can carry color in a way that adults may never be able to. Choose fall/winter apparel in bold, bright colors that only kids can pull off. Pick classic cuts, but play around with brighter colors; like a bright orange cardigan, or a red trench coat.

Bright colored accessories can also be used to break-up a neutral outfit. Leisure club in particular showcased brightly colored shawls, mufflers, wool socks and tights. Accessories can be recycled with different outfits as well, so invest in a few good pieces; such as a bright shawl, a good pair of colored socks or a few bright tights (for girls) and pair them with a couple of different outfits.

Prints with a kid friendly twist:

Classic winter patterns get a childish twist for fall/winter 2013. Patterns such as checkers and strips are classic for fall and winter, but for kids fashion think about adding a twist to them by making them a little more colorful and playful. Brightly checkered shirts and sweaters look very adorable on boys and can be paired with a whole array of bottoms. The hound’s-tooth pattern looks particularly lovely on little girls; in bright colors it makes the look more kid friendly and playful. Classic patterns like stripes in kids colors like bright cobalt for boys and pastel pinks for girls will also be big for fall/winter 2013.

Frost appropriate footwear:

If you are going to shop for the colder seasons don’t forget footwear. Remember again that kids wearing adult-like shoes look really adorable, but at the same time it has to be pointed out that kids are not adults and should not be in high-heals! Knee high or ankle high boots in bright colors look very stylish for kids.

Particularly for girls as a high boot tucked into a pair of tights worn with a dress will look very lovely. At the same time, we need to remind our selves that unlike adults who spend their fall and winter curled up in bed with a warm shawl kids run wild during fall and winter just as they do throughout the year. So it is worth investing in kid friendly ankle high sneakers.

Shoes like that make sure that their feet are covered and yet are durable enough to be frolicked around in, brands like Stylo carry excellent high sneakers. Again remember that kids can carry off brighter colors, so invest again in bright shoes. Lastly also invest in bright wool socks to make sure your children’s toes are frost proof.

As the weather changes, investing in good warm clothes for your kids is necessary. And while you invest in necessary pieces, adhering to fall/fashion trends may seem daunting. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your kids look on trend in fall and wi

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