Khadija Naeem of Kays Kollection talks to Fashion Central

Established in 2013, Kays Kollection offers a wide diversity of pret wear, western wear, semi-formal and bridal wear. The splendid fashion brand Kays Kollection which has been setting ablaze the fashion scene with its tantalizing outfits.

Q1: What is the over-riding aesthetic in your designing?  

Ans: The over-riding aesthetic in the designing of KAYS KOLLECTION are its unique cuts as well as well as the manipulation of different colors which we blend together in our designing which gives our designs uniqueness which very few fashion houses are able to do in the Pakistan fashion market.  

Q2: Is it hard to differentiate yourself from other designers in this saturated market? 

Ans: Not really. Actually on the contrary it’s quite easy. What we try and offer at KAYS KOLLECTION is something which we feel other designer houses don’t. Our trademark is our unique cuts and manipulation of different colors which we feel makes us unique to all other designers out there. 

Q3: How important is it in today’s world to have a specific identity for your brand? 

Ans: Its vital in today’s day and age to have a specific identity for your brand. With so many young and new designers entering into the industry its vital to have that uniqueness in your designs which would attract the customers to you. As mentioned previously we at KAYS KOLLECTION do try and offer that with our unique cuts and blending of different colors together which we feel is something most other designer houses lack. 

Q4: Do you feel the off-the-rack market is limited to prêt wear or is it being expanded to semi formals and formals also?

Ans: The off-the –rack market is primary focused on prêt wear. However during the last few years we have seen a large increase in semi formals and formals attire in the off the racket market as well. 

Q5: What role do you think price points play in the success of a prêt line? 

Ans: Price points play a very vital role in the success of any brand.  One should offer the prices at a very competitive rates which the consumers are willing to spend on . With the growing price war in the fashion industry one should make sure there prices are set right which would attract clients to buy your products. What we offer our clients are very competitive prices with no compromise on the standard of quality of our materials or designs. Any women who wants to look good can easily afford to buy our dresses, without worrying about paying high prices for it. 

Q6: Describe the Kays Kollection.

Ans: Kays Kollection is a brand which was established in July of  2013. By offering a wide diversity of prêt wear, western wear, semi-formal and bridal wear, our dresses are those that will be remembered even long after the moment is over. We at KAYS try a continual pursuit to conceive fresh ideas with a unique blend of traditional eastern and contemporary western designs that suit the needs of local and international clientele.

Our Philosophy is very simple. We believe that every piece of fabric that a woman wears makes a strong statement about who she is, where she comes from and the time in which she lives. Here at KAYS, we help you achieve just that. So it’s time to step out of those closets and show yourself off. Be confident, be sexy and believe in what you wear.

Q7: Do you think prêt is defined by a price point or by a sensibility? 

Ans: I feel prêt is defined by price point. The more affordable it is for your clients the more likely they would pick something of the rack.  

Q8: Is fashion truly a viable business now, or is it still a hobby for most?

Ans: Fashion is surely a good earned business so most people are adopting to it as a proper source of income now. However there are some so called designers who lack the basic training and know abouts of designing and just treat it as a hobby as well. 

Q9: Do you think most people in the fashion industry have now adopted a professional ethos or is professionalism still lacking? 

Ans: Well the newer generation of designers are quite professional and committed towards their work. Every new designer is trying to make a name for themselves which is good for the Pakistan Fashion Industry as well as motivates other designers to perform at their ultra best as well. 

Q10: What suggestions would you give to a newcomer that will help her develop a sustainable business plan? 

Ans: Well  learning is a continues process and I am learning everyday but I would still suggest all of those who want to enjoy this industry to occur proper education of this field, be serious and committed towards their work and never compromise on quality . 

Q11: Do you think its better to work with a cut and stitch unit or establish one’s own factory unit? 

Ans: Due to our country’s power crisis of gas and electricity its not all that easy now days to own and maintain a factory so I rite now I prefers cute and stitches as it is easy to keep ones owns unit and is approachable. Although a few years from now I would love to own my own factory unit.

Q 12: As a mother and wife, do you think fashion is a difficult industry to enter or do you think it’s perfect for a working woman. 

Ans: I would say it is not a difficult industry to enter but sustaining yourself at the top is a different story altogether. It’s requires sincere dedication and passion with lots of hard work and lots of family support which I think I am few of the lucky ones to have plenty of.  

Q13: How would you define your sense of style?

Ans: My personal sense of style would be something very simple yet very stylish and comfortable. Be it just a simple top or a very stylish semi formal attire, for me comfort comes first. Anything I wear should be something I am comfortable with.   

Q14: What colors do you like wearing and what colors do you stay away from? 

Ans: My favorite colors to wear would be black as well as pastel, but being a  designer myself  I try and make  every color wearable and special which is I feel is a trade mark of any good designer.

Q15: What’s your favorite accessory for evening wear? 

Ans: My favorite accessory for an evening wear would be my Channel Bag and my favorite Gucci hand watch.


Kays Kollection is a fashion consulting and designer brand that capitalizes in ready-to-wear clothing for women and western wear for men. Khadija Naeem of Kays Kollection talks to Fashion Central about her brand and latest designing ideas and passion for

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