Jumpsuits Trend In Pakistan

The concept of jumpsuit is that women who are tall and have ideal slim and smart figure must be wearing them but the case in Pakistan is reverse every woman wants to wear it either she is slim or healthy. Jumpsuit is one of the only dresses that can be worn any season and it is the ideal party dress and casual dress too. 

In Pakistan woman doesn’t know what’s the purpose of jumpsuits is, they just blindly follow the fashion and jumpsuit are the hottest trend of the season. When jumpsuits were introduced in Pakistan, everyone was like that it is a contemporary fashion but now it has become the permanent fashion.

Pakistani woman and the Pakistani fashion industry are very welcoming when it comes to adopt new fashion ideas. Pakistani fashion designers are introducing new western fashion in the market and everyone loves and wears it to look glamorous. 

Women are seen everywhere wearing jumpsuits. In Pakistan every new fashion is firstly followed by elite class and that it comes on street and becomes street fashion. Same is the case with jumpsuits; the trend of jumpsuits came into Pakistan in 2011. Feeha jamshed of TJ was the pioneer designer in designing jumpsuits in Pakistan. She designed them and beautiful Mahira Khan modeled. Feeha jamshed has always brought something extravagant in the Pakistan fashion industry.

Now day’s jumpsuits are making a strong appearance as every local designer is designing it and now it is commonly worn by girls and women.

Kassni is one of the famous Pakistani designer brands. Last year kaasni introduced a huge range of jumpsuit collection, because this was the latest trend. Every designer follow the latest trend and last jumpsuit was the only western wear which was introduced by every known and small scale designers. Kassni jumpsuit were fabulous, the designs and the prints of the jumpsuit were very creative and bold. Every woman was seen wearing it as according to woman their jumpsuits were very eye catching and colorful and this was the only factor which made them bought it.

In Pakistan woman get together on tea parties or some committee parties so last year the mostly woman were seen wearing jumpsuits of different designers. Apart from wearing local designer jumpsuits there are even international brands stores in Pakistan like Next, Mango, Debenhams and Monsoon. These brands have number of jumpsuits in different styles and colors.

Mango and Monsoon had long sleeves and haler neck version which is a different style in jumpsuits. On the other hand brand Mango has fitted waits and neutral shades jumpsuits which are perfect for day wear and night wear. Woman and girls were seen wearing these jumpsuits with hiker boots, high heels and peep toes with embellished gold neck pieces.

2012 was a year of jumpsuits, Pakistan fashion Council had a fashion week in Karachi and all the local designers showcased their jumpsuits collection. Modeled carried the jumpsuits in an elegant way. Shehla Chatoor, a Karachi based designers collection of jumpsuit was amazing, and all the elite class wore her jumpsuit last season.

Muse collection of jumpsuit and Sania Maskitya’s collection were really trendy. Some designer also introduced silk jumpsuit, although woman when wear them at parties they look absolutely stunning. Although Maheen Karim collection of jumpsuit was superb and her pieces were unique, she always designs something unique.

Jumpsuit trend in Pakistan is emerging; this year designers and local brands are also introducing jumpsuit with new designs and variety. It is proved that Pakistan woman accepts only that western fashion which is decent and elegant and this is the main reason why it became so famous.

In Pakistan mostly people follow international fashion trend, jumpsuits have been in fashion for now quite a seasons. Fashion trends keeps on evolving but some international fashion becomes so much hit that other country's people adopt that fashion. So

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