Jawad Bashir Gives his Verdict on his Horror Film, ‘Maya’

With the reviving movie industry the two noticeable changes we’re currently witnessing are, increase in film production in Pakistan and a variety of new genres being tested by moviemakers.

The latest film to hit the cinema screens this week was horror movie Maya. The film Maya marks the directorial debut of Jawad Bashir, who confesses horror is a very challenging genre when it comes to filmmaking.

Horror movie is also a genre which has rarely been tested in Pakistan, maybe for this very reason. With the film having released in cinemas, Fashion Central spoke to Jawad to learn more about Maya…

Tell us about yourself and your journey into pakistani movies?

Maya is my very first movie. The most hard work I have ever done in my life was required in Maya.

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Give us an insight into Maya: what is the film about and where did the inspiration come from?

Maya is a true story. It’s a Danish tale which was told to me by my wife who also wrote it for me. I loved it when I first heard it and I wanted to share this incredible story with people.

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What can you tell us about its cast?

It’s a new cast and all are very promising actors.

Are there any interesting facts about Maya which you would like to share?

Maya is the only Pakistani horror feature film in two decades.

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With Pakistani Cinema emerging and a variety of genres being tested, what role do you think horror films will play in the revival of Pakistani cinema?

Nobody is daring to make a horror film because it’s the most difficult film genre to make but we did it and it’s definitely the most daring and important contribution to Pakistani cinema.

Do you have any other projects which you are currently working on?

Just Maya right now.

maya movie 2015

Maya has now released in cinemas so is there a message you would like to share with our readers?

Support Pakistani cinema and go and watch the movie Maya!

Jawad Bashir has tried his hand at different media; filmmaking, commercials, television programmes and music videos, besides music too.

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