Is Imran Khan Marrying a Third Time?

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) has issued a denial, but we can’t help but recall that Imran denied his marriage to Reham until the end as well.

Is Imran Khan set to marry a third time? Has he already tied the knot in a sneaky ceremony?

All this and more is the subject of great speculation today in Pakistan, as the media began reporting that PTI leader Imran Khan is on the road to holy matrimony — again.

Some unconfirmed reports state that Imran Khan has already married a woman belonging to a Maneka family a few days ago in London. Sources say his wife’s name is Maryam.

As the news began to circulate, PTI Information Secretary Naeem ul Haque took to Twitter to claim the news was baseless.

PTI chairman Imran Khan himself soon tweeted the same:

Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan has decided to get married a third time?

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