Interview of Priyanka Chopra

From romancing superheroes to playing super model, Priyanka Chopra seems to be doing it all.

With just a few more days for the release of her new film Fashion, Priyanka is going all out to promote her fourth release this year. From magazine covers to walking the ramp for Narendra Kumar at the Lakme Fashion Week, Priyanka is doing all it takes to draw the crowds into this niche film. Let’s find out how much of Fashion is actually Priyanka’s story…

1. Did playing a model come naturally to you?

I don’t think any character comes easy. It’s not about a model. Fashion is an emotional journey about a girl who just happens to be a model. She could have also even been an engineer. The crux of the plot is not the fact that she is a model. But the journey of this character and her problems, issues and personal vendettas. That’s was what was difficult about Meghna.

2. But you have of course had a first hand view of the modelling world. So how much would you say is real and how much is fiction?

This is a fictional film. My character is not at all derived from any model, contrary to all the rumours about my role being based on Alicia. It’s the story of a small town girl who comes to Bombay wanting to become a super model. Her rise, her fall, her victories, her failures. There may be incidents picked up from things that might have happened in the fashion industry. This is not a biopic or story of a single person. It is not the representation of the fashion industry. We are not saying watch this film to know about the fashion world. It is like reading a novel based in a hospital…. It’s a story set in the fashion world.

3. The film has a much-talked-about bedroom scene between Arjan and you and also some controversial scenes involving substance abuse.?

Yes, substance abuse is a big part of the film. It is a turning point in the life of my character. We haven’t glorified drugs. In fact once you see the film, you will realise we have shown that substance abuse is the roadway to hell. But it is a serious part of this industry.

And talking about the intimate scenes, it is just a 15 second sequence shot above the shoulders. In fact I am sure people will be like “Is that it?” So if you are going to watch Fashion expecting a lot of sensuality or sexual scenes, I am sorry to disappoint you.

4. Madhur’s films prove to be turning points in the careers of actresses looking to switch from commercial to meaningful cinema. Did you also sign this film expecting to win some critical acclaim and awards?

It took me six months to be convinced about Fashion. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take the responsibility of such an important character. I didn’t have confidence in my talent as I have been in the industry for only four years. It’s an extremely mature character, but Madhur was very sure. He was very supportive and once I was in it, I knew I would give it my 100 per cent. I don’t believe Madhur makes art cinema. He makes entertaining, commercially successful movies with a strong social message. His films have worked wonderfully for many actresses, but this film is certainly no expose or sensational comment on the glamour world.

From romancing superheroes to playing super model, Priyanka seems to be doing it all. With just a few more days for the release of her Fashion...

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