Interview of Natasha Paracha

Natasha Paracha of Islamabad was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2008 at the Versailles Convention Center in Mississauga, Ontario. She will symbolize Pakistan in several international pageants. The event brought young Pakistani women from around the world to battle for what could be considered the most controversial crown in the pageant world. The event’s spotlight was on beauty, talent and cultural strength while allowing the young women to feel a part of the mainstream rather than being ostracized from the Western world. For six years, founder and Creative Director of the pageant, Sonia Ahmed has seen the beauty and entertainment world begin to embrace her community in a very quick and robust fashion. had an exclusive Interview with Miss Pakistan World 2008 Natasha Peracha: –

1. The road to stardom; How long has it taken and has it been fun?

I believe stardom is a long road and doesn’t end at the same point it begins.  This great honor was my first step in this long road and I hope to have other great achievements in the future.

2. Along the way, who has been your mentor? Were the family and the Pakistan link, an obstacle in any way?

It is always important to have those who support you and believe in you around. My greatest mentor and support has been my mother. She has always guided me to doing right and being true to myself. 

3. Share with us the joy that filled your life, once you achieved the Miss Pakistan title?

I was extremely elated once the announcement was made and felt very grateful to God for giving me this distinguished honor.

4. What next, will it be Miss Universe?

I am very excited to be representing Pakistan in Miss Earth this coming November in Manila.

5. How hard do you work to retain your perfect physique and the radiance on your face?

 Well I think perfect is a term that differs by perception but I think the key to being healthy is to eat well and exercise regularly.

6. Regular workouts for hours and hours can be unnerving, do you agree and do you take time off just to relax, sleep and eat at will?

Of course!  I think it’s always important to have time in your day where you get to relax and do the things people love most, in my case, sleeping and eating would be high on that list.

7. Tell us about yourself.

I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Political Science and Business. I was also the founder of the Pakistani Students Association at Berkeley.  Currently, I work as Chairman of Pakistani Affairs for a renewable energy organization at the United Nations.

8. Some of your personal wishes included a date with the Pakistan President. Did this make you controversial?

(This does not apply to me, this is pertaining to the Miss Pakistan World 2007Mahleej Sarkari)

9. The Social structure in Pakistan broadly consists of two categories – the Islamists and the liberals; Are you in any way scared of the Islamists?

I am not sure if I agree with your broad categories.  I believe there are many types of categories and the one I am most concerned about is the Extremists, the ones that believe causing harm to people is a way to solve society and political issues.  I am very interested in working on ways to improve the quality of life and politics in order to curb the growth of such extremist groups.

10. Family life, has yours been normal; any set back you would like to share with us?

I am very fortunate to be a part of a big and close knit family. We are always very supportive of one another and value the importance of relationships.

11. As a beauty, how long do you think your career will last?

I am very flattered by the fact that I am considered a beauty but to be fair to myself I have always put my brains above beauty.  I am working on many exciting projects for the United Nations in terms of renewable energy work.  I will also pursue my JD/MBA, so I believe my career has only just started and being Miss Pakistan is a great stepping stone to help me in my long life and career if God wishes it so.

12. Once this goes away, do you plan to start any business?

I hope to continue working on development efforts in Pakistan.

13.  Are you a strict disciplinarian? And how do you react to a stare and do turned necks bother you?

I was brought up with disciplined parents and family members so it is something that is ingrained in me.  In regards to stares, I believe most women become slightly uncomfortable as it is a rude thing to do.

14. Have you considered reaching out to upcoming models, to give them a sense of direction?

I feel that one should give 110% in anything and everything they put their mind to. It is vital to strive for the best.

15. What if your mother in law turns out to be old fashioned?

I am in many ways old-fashioned as well.  I plan to be respectful to everyone part of whomever’s family I marry into.

16. How do you look at the forbidden fruits like going out with a boyfriend, pop culture and alcohol?

I think one must look at their own values, morals and judge for themselves what is right and wrong. 

17. The oft repeated phrase "women are sexual objects to be used by men"; Have you got over it?

I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has ‘gotten over it’.  I do believe that men in this world are and will become increasingly adaptive to the fact that women are becoming a lot more than just objects and have careers and aspirations of their own.

18. Do you have a message for the Young Pakistani girls?

No matter how tough your dreams go after them!

Natasha Paracha of Islamabad was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2008 at the Versailles Convention Center in Mississauga, Ontario. She will symbolize Pakistan in several international pageants.

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