Interview of Himesh Reshammiya

He obviously ‘nose’ what he’s doing. Music composer and singer-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya is about to step out in a role played to perfection by Rishi Kapoor many years ago.

Himesh’s ‘Karzzz‘, a remake of Subhash Ghai’s 1980 film ‘Karz‘. The expectations are high, and Himesh is praying hard. “I do not want my audiences to be disappointed,” he said.

Excerpts from an interview:

1. The song Soniye in Karzzz was lifted from Kulwinder Kally’s album and put into the film in which you are the singer, actor and music composer. He has sued you. Your reaction?

The controversy is baseless. I have not taken any credit as a music composer for those songs at all. He (Kulwinder Kally) wants publicity and hence he is creating a ruckus. The rights of the songs are with T-Series and hence they are the ones who have used it in the album. Please contact them. I am not the person whom you should be speaking to.

2. Do you think you will succeed in slipping into Rishi Kapoor’s shoes?

I think if I can achieve even one percent of what Rishi Kapoor has done, I will feel I have won the battle. He’s a legendary actor and I’ll try to live up to the expectations.

3. Rishi Kapoor was a great dancer in his time. Did you take any dancing lessons?

I have taken dancing lessons. I hadn’t tried dancing before. But I am trying my best and hope I don’t disappoint my fans. I am still in the learning process. I am a music director who earlier produced serials and then shows. I turned a singer in due time and have achieved success. I turned actor with my first film ‘Aap Kaa Surroor’. I don’t know about the future. It’s not an easy job.

4. I hope you realise that people are going to make those comparisons.

Let them go ahead. Comparisons will be made and why shouldn’t they be made? Films that Shah Rukh Khan has done, like ‘Don’ and ‘Devdas’, were also remakes. Both the films were successful. He was brave too. Let’s hope for the best.

5. A successful TV producer, composer, singer and also a successful actor. How did you manage all this?

There is no mantra as such. All I suppose is the blessings of the almighty. Now I am only praying to God that he allows me to live up to the expectations of the audiences. I do not want my audiences to be disappointed.

6. Sources reveal that you have approached Madhuri to do the Ek Do Teen number in the film A New Love Ishtory?

No. I am not the producer so why will I approach her to do the song? We have a remix of the ‘Ek Do Teen’ number. DJ Akhtar has done his job brilliantly and the song will be directed by John Mathew Mathan who is also directing the film.

7. By the way, you are looking good and have lost weight.

Oh, is it? It was tough. I love eating ice-creams and also love to eat good food. I had to cut out on all of them. But I am happy. ‘Karzzz’ has shaped out fabulously. The music is a big hit by now. The love story has been depicted with some newness. The romantic angle is the integral part of the flick.

8. What kind of offers are you getting?

Look, right now I am busy doing four films which have romance and love triangle. The fourth one is comedy.

Kajrare’ is a love story. It is about a man who turns a rebel and decides to support the girl from Heera Mandi – the red light area in Lahore, Pakistan. Also, it is the role of a wanderer. Most of the shoot has been completed in Jordan.

In the film ‘A New Love Ishtory’ I am playing a tapori. I have Niharika Singh paired opposite me.

I am doing a conventional film with Pooja Bhatt in which I will have three different looks. Yeah! You will see me without the cap as well.

In ‘Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekh’, also being directed by Satish Kaushik, I have a double role. I am playing a Gujarati from Chandini Chowk. It is a comedy of errors.

So right now you see I am doing different kinds of films. I am open to all kinds of scripts provided the story is fantastic.

9. You travel to Dubai often. Which are your favourite shopping and food joints?

Most of my clothes are bought by my sister. She takes care of my dress designing. Yes, when I visit Dubai, I love to shop at the Emirates Mall. And Buddha Bar is my favourite restaurant. I like the cuisine out there. I love the grilled stuff and the khana which is not spicy and oily.

Himesh's 'Karzzz', a remake of Subhash Ghai's 1980 film 'Karz'. I think if I can achieve even one percent of what Rishi Kapoor has done, I will feel I have won the battle. He's a legendary actor and I'll try to live up to the expectations.

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