Imran Khan and Reham Divorce

This is what her tweet confirms "We have decided to part ways and file for divorce". That puts an end to all the unconfirmed rumours and yet gives credence to all the media reports which had started to talk about the divorce many weeks back.

Six months back The News about this breakup first started to flot. This news continued to gain momentum although the couple were seen together on occasions, so much so that Imran last month tweeted and refuted the rumour.

And Imran went to the extent of saying "I am shocked at a TV channel making slanderous statement about my marriage. I strongly urge the media to desist from such baseless statements".

Even though Imran denied yet people close to him confided that they are not getting along. This source also confided that Reham Khan wanted to get involved in politics while Khan desired her presence only in the home.

On the part of Reham she told the media that Imran had requested that their privacy on the marraige issue be respected.

However now we have final confirmation from her twitter account that the marraige is over.

confirmation from Reham Khan's twitter account that the marraige is over.

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