Humaira Arshad Has Patched Up with Her Husband!

The relations between Humaira Arshad, a classically trained folk, pop and ghazal singer of Pakistan and her husband had become disagreeable, unpleasant and nauseating. And the relations had reached a point where Humaira had decided to part ways with her husband because of his offensive attitude which involved physical maltreatment and emotional abuse.

Reports were that the husband Ahmed Ali Butt had passed on threats to her and also attempted to kidnap her son. These complications finally took on the shape of a legal battle and the fight started for the custody of their only child.

It has now been revealed that Ahmed is withdrawing from the child custody case and a welcome development is that he has expressed willingness to stay with his wife. All this resulted from an unconditional apology submitted by the faultering husband.

On Humaira’s part, the good act is that she has accepted the unconditional apology and agreed to reunite.

Till the point of improvement in relations of the two, Humaira had decided to opt for a divorce and was living with her mother since two months. However now better sense has prevailed and the couple and child have been saved from becoming a broken family.  Legal formalities and religious requirements are in the process of being fulfilled and complied with.

Pakistani Pop and Ghazal singer Humaira Arshad has settled her dispute with her husband Ahmed Butt.

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