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Feelings are emotions which are sometimes suppressed deep in the heart, yet spoken out loud when you are the happiest person on Earth. You cry, you laugh, you get mad at happenings in life, you may be worried with extreme tensions on the mind, and you may feel energetic and full of life at times of strain and pressure.

However, the thing which matters is how you react towards the situations and make yourself the strongest person in the creation, with faith in yourselves and trust in God. Most of the people are so much stressed and exhausted that they need therapies for coming back to life and face the harsh realities and difficulties in life. Thus, ‘hugs’ are the most inexpensive, gentle, and exceptional therapies one can have at any time of the day.

Hugs are actually a blessing always. They comfort us in the most sensational way that we feel refreshed and relieved.  Mothers give hug to their babies, brothers and sisters hug each other, best friends release tension and give a tight hug, love mates are usually seen hugging each other, most of the time when you meet relatives after a long time span, they hug you in the most adventurous way, and the list goes on. Due to the immense importance of ‘hugs’, its celebrated all over the world as ‘HUG DAY’ on 12th February, making the valentine’s week more spirited.

· Hold close to different stuff on this hug day

hug day

If you live far away from your family and do not have friends available to cuddle with you, then don’t be unhappy and depressed, instead hug an old beautiful tree near your place, or simply go in a park to hug the healthy barks of the trees. If you are uncomfortable with the stiffness of the bark, then cuddle up with your soft teddies or stuffed toys in your bedroom, sharing all the feelings in your heart to it. Else, if you want to hug the sky, open up your hands facing the sky and smile with your eyes closed, this is a way of embracing the angels in the skies.

· Give the tightest hug to your parents

hug parents

Parents are true essence of our lives, they do the most difficult things in life to welcome our needs and wants, and when we grow in to adults, then they pray for us. In the western world, old parents, grandparents are the loneliest beings. They need people around them in the last period of existence, so do visit them often if you can and specially embrace them in your arms and hold them tight very close to you on this Hug day. Clutch together both your mom and dad, and kiss them lovingly.

· Be in the arms of your love mate

valentines day

The day speaks of love, affection and emotional attachment we have with our soul mates. With regard to Valentine’s Day, most of the couples are planning already to make 14th February the most delightful time of their lives, but on this upcoming 12th February, do not forget to pay an amazing visit to your beloved for an exceptional embracing hug. Hugs can remove severe feelings in your heart for any person in the biosphere. Clear up the misunderstandings and enhance your spirit of loving the partners of life with fervor and zest, hugging them in the most passionate way.

· Celebrate the hug day distributing hugs for the nation

free hugs

This day is of special importance for all of the mankind around the globe, because humans are made to be loved and respected. So, if you are a politician or you belong to an NGO, then it is a great time to distribute hugs to the nation. Whether you help children, old people or middle aged living beings, on the Hugs day just give out the variety of hugs to everyone, giving the message of love and affection worldwide.

Thus, enjoy yourself on this Hugs day forgetting all the tensions, and make people feel healthier ever, bringing chuckles to their faces and paying regards to the teachers, neighbors, parents, siblings and the love mate of your life.

Want to give the loving hug? Follow the tips.

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