Hina & Zara of H&Z Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

H&Z Khussa Collection was started by two sisters, Hina Fatima and Zara Akhtar, as they felt that the traditional footwear was not given the recognition it deserved. H&Z seeks to attract shoe lovers who have till now preferred foreign brands over local ones by producing high-quality khussas. The Khussas are handmade and use commonly-available fabrics in a different way to make its product unique. The line includes distinctive designs and colors; gold-plated embellishments on Banarsi fabric and an interesting use of jute, being some of the original ideas. Their objective is to ultimately give their product an edge over others.

H&Z will be participating in the upcoming event Easy Breezy Chic. H&Z is looking forward to make their presence online to facilitate buyers.

1) What makes your Khussas special?

Ans) we have modern yet traditional designs with best quality leather.

2)So, what’s next?

Ans) For now just focusing on establishing H&Z across the country and abroad.

3) Where can we find your Khussas?

Ans) We have a display at home in DHA, Lahore plus we’re doing all year round exhibitions. Apart from that we’re catering online through facebook as well.

4) What inspired you to do this?

Ans) A broach, me (hina) &zara we replaying around with a broach and a random thought clicked about how it’ll look on a khussa, lol!

5) Did you have any background in design or manufacturing before you began?

Ans) No, Not at all, I’m an architecture student whereas Zara is doing her A’levels.

6) What made you decide to start your own line instead of going the more traditional path of designing for an existing label?

Ans) It was just an experiment which got more than expected response and here we are.

7) What has been the most difficult part of this getting this first collection from concept to completion?

Ans) Khussa maker. To get the work done from labor in Pakistan is the biggest torture one has to face during the manufacturing process.Secondly, finding the right material.

8) Why khussas and not any other type of footwear?

Ans) Personal likeness plus we wanted to promote the forgotten legacy of this eastern shoe.

9) Why did you decide you to become a footwear designer and not a fashion designer?

Ans) We were never into clothes we’ve always been into shoes but then again as said earlier this was just an experiment since we had nothing to do over the summers.

10) Your advice for the upcoming designers in the field.

Ans) Ummm.. Just go ahead even if you have one design in mind to show your creativity, it’s not necessary to have a degree in the field or to have contacts to enter the field because at the end of the day your creativity creates your name.

11) Your views on the easy breezy chic event?

Ans) It’s our first time with this so we’re really looking forward to it.

12) How important is the event to you?

Ans) Will give H&Z a new platform.

13) Would you participate in event such as this in the future?

Ans) Definitely.

14) Do you plan to diversify in the future?

Ans) Yes, InshaAllah

15) What is the new style footwear you are coming up with?

Ans) No idea, just like this experiment we might come with something completely different, you never know

Hina & Zara of H&Z Khussa Collection reveal their venture for khussa designing here in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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