Heart to Heart with ‘Bhola’ Imran Ashraf

he versatile yet humble Imran Ashraf, making waves in the drama industry is well known for his offbeat choices, he prefers playing difficult roles.

The recent character played by Imran Ashraf, has taken his fame to another plain. The adorable ’Bhola’ from Ranjha Ranjha Kardi,’ with his cheeky, naughty yet loveable persona has won millions over. According to local media reports, Imran first stepped into the industry as a child artist in  jab mohabbat hoi . But 2011 was the year when he started working in the industry regularly, after completion of his studies. Imran poured his heart out while talking to a loacal newspaper, he remembered receiving his first pay cheque like yesterday, which was a meagre Rs 500 but according to him was a ‘handsome’ amount, out of which he gave Rs. 300 to his mother and the rest was spent as a treat for his friends.

Ashraf revealed, that his inspiration for writing comes from the ups and downs that he went through but never lost hope and remained steadfast in the face of difficulties. His favorite spot in his house is where his mother sits, he finds himself at peace in her presence. Life has given him more than he expected for which he is thankful, he remembers being mocked for his flighty ways, though a loner he doesn’t mind good company. Of all the characters that Imran has played ‘Bhola’ has proven to be a tough cookie.

To Imran respect is vital, even though he has no plans right now to sign up a movie but things can change, depending on the role offered and that goes for Bollywood too. He believes in a sense of balance while taking decisions and takes into account his mind and heart both. One thing that sets him off is when someone takes advantage of another’s weakness and that’s when he puts his foot down.

His message to the world was to respect all human being regardless of power or position.

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