Hareem Shah becomes MAGNET TO TROUBLE with another foreign currency splash

Controversial TikTok star Hareem Shah has once again decided to introduce some heavy cash over her social media handles, an appalling stunt after everything the internet personality has gone through in the close past.

In the latest post shared by Hareem Shah over her Instagram handle, the lady can be seen dressed in modest clothing, with a white dupatta (scarf) covering her head along with a face mask covering the mouth area, the whole look successfully managing to give the experience a very ‘dodgy’ vibe, an art in which Hareem Shah is superbly skilled.

As far as we can speculate, Hareem Shah is standing in the lobby of some restaurant or a hotel maybe? Whereas the social media sensation can be seen very expertly showing off A LOT of foreign currency, shuffling the money with ‘natural’ expertise.

The choice of the latest video’s background music however has managed to make us a bit skeptical about the whole experience. While the TikToker shuffles crisp notes of foreign currency, with a look that seems a bit too intimidating, one can hear an Islamic tune stating “SubhanAllah Alhamdulillah” playing in the background.

Now aren’t the above-mentioned factors quite contradictive to each other? The reason behind bringing into the spotlight Hareem Shah’s latest attempt is that previously, the TikToker had come under the radar of the FIA due to indulging in similar stunts.

Previously, Hareem Shah posted a lot of videos featuring heavy amounts of cash which landed her in deep trouble and made the FIA start tracking her activities and also summoning her to the court. 

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