Hareem Shah Told the Big Reason While Crying After Leaked Video

Famous TikToker Hareem Shah says that I don’t need to get famous, I have already been offered many dramas and commercials. Talking about the leaked videos in an interview on a web channel, She said that my husband is on me. Very trusting., Allah has given me such a husband that only the lucky ones are blessed with, Bilal has given me every happiness, he walks proudly with me.

She added that the videos were leaked which were made inside my house, and there is no person present in the videos. My friends made the videos viral to defame me. They both wanted to meet me but I didn’t have them. There was no time nor did I want to meet because I am happy in my life.

Hareem Shah said that Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz got famous because of me.

Because of their actions, my family and my husband’s family are worried. If anything happens to anyone in our family, these two girls will be responsible. I have also approached FIA, if I don’t get justice, then FIA will be responsible. Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz also contacted my husband to blackmail me and said that we have a lot against Hareem Shah.

Hareem Shah further said that she will come to Pakistan soon and take legal action. Hareem Shah said that I had taken Sandal Khattak to Turkey as well, where the sandal remained in my apartment for 7 months. Hareem Shah even cried while talking about the leaked videos.

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