Faisal Qureshi’s daughter Hanish opens up about family dynamics: navigating a second marriage and blended siblings

Hanish Qureshi is a well-known realtor and social media influencer in Pakistan. Her father, the well-known Pakistani actor Faysal Quraishi, is her father. Hanish Qureshi recently gave an interview to Woke Capital in which she spoke about a very sensitive family situation, her father’s marriage, and her half-siblings.

Hanish Qureshi said in response to the question about Faysal Quraishi‘s marriage to Sana Faysal, “I am so glad that you asked this question, it’s not the situation, it’s choice if a marriage does not work, the other person has the right to move on, I was standing with my father when he got married, actually, my father got married at a very young age and if a marriage did not work, people should move on,

Check out the following video link:

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