Hamza Ali Abbasi Calls on Men to Lead the Fight Against S*exual Harassment

In an era marked by the #MeToo movement and ongoing discussions about harassment, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has emphasized the crucial role men must play in combating S*exual harassment. In a recent interview with SAMAA TV, Abbasi highlighted the necessity for men to lead the charge in condemning and criminalizing harassment in all its forms.

“I’m very proud of them and grateful. It’s a fact that when women in your family are independent and powerful, they can support you and become your strength. But it is unfortunate that even today, women have to face harassment in all professional fields, whether it’s the corporate [world] or the showbiz,” Abbasi said, expressing pride in the accomplished women in his family.

Abbasi, famous for his roles in “Pyarey Afzal” and “Alif,” stressed that the responsibility to create a safe and supportive environment for women lies primarily with men, as they have historically perpetuated a culture of silence and complicity.

“We [men] should play a leading role in this situation,” Abbasi urged. “We have to make sure that wherever we see harassment, we don’t accept it. We demonize it. We don’t encourage or normalize it. Because unfortunately, we, men, have normalized and celebrated such behaviour. We didn’t scrutinize it the way it should have been scrutinized. So we need to call out and criminalize such behaviour in our circles.”

Further, Abbasi commended the women who have spoken up against harassment and advocated for continued dialogue on the issue. “It gives me great optimism that in today’s day and age, women are very forthcoming and are calling out harassment, whether it’s online or at the workplace. The times when women would face harassment and stay mum about it are thankfully behind us,” he added.

“The culture of speaking up also needs to be encouraged. Women should be able to make noise wherever they are if ever they face harassment of any kind. Without any fear or hesitation, women should be encouraged to raise hell. We need to eradicate the element of fear and shame among women,” Abbasi emphasized.

By speaking out, Abbasi sends a powerful message to men everywhere: It is essential for men to stand up, speak out, and actively work towards creating a world where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.

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