Gulzeb Asif Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

1. For our fashion loving viewers, please share your profile with us?

 I have a very simple principle of my design house and that is a constant hard work for timeless clothes. I recently launched my women’s clothing line during Dubai Fashion week in May 2011. The event was incredibly successful and acted as an ideal platform that helped me introduce my label to the fashion world. My cuts intertwine both eastern and western elements that allow for a variety of styles. I have launched my signature line Gulzeb couture under which I present both ready-to-wear and couture.

Gulzeb couture designs for the modern woman who appreciates style and quality. Great attention is paid to the finish of the garment. My clients range from young ladies to mature women.

Presently I am stocking at Studio 8 in Dubai and at my own Shop in Dubai called Zardoze and very soon will be opening my design house in Karachi

2. You are based in Dubai and Karachi, and that appears very impressive. So, we need to know how you manage and bridge the needs of these two big markets?

 It’s very difficult commuting every month from Dubai to Karachi but I guess my passion for clothes makes it easy enabling me to keep my finger on the pulse of the global fashion scene.

3. Your collection normally intertwines both eastern and western elements. Is this difference huge and massive and if so, how do you bridge the two?

When I say my cut intertwines with both sides of element it basically means I am more interested to use stylish cuts in my designs at the same time using hand work traditional hand work of naqshi and bead work. I want my each and every cut to look exiting and hot!

4. The business cycle is not easy to endure, especially for newcomers. Can you name a Guru who guided you?

In this Industry I would like to call upon two names of my dearest friends who are always around to guide and help me, that’s Umar Sayeed and Asim Jofa and on the PR side it’s been Aamir Mazhar.

5. How do you help women in the becoming torch bearers of fashion and style?

I help women by bringing in the sophistication in them through my clothes. My clients have their own ideas as well but I help them in suggesting timeless pieces and by helping them wear the right styles according to their looks.

6. What thrills you?

International catwalks, latest trends and travelling

7. What is your designing philosophy, what do you keep in mind while designing?

My designing philosophy is to come up with exclusive, timeless pieces yet accessible.

8. Pakistan made textiles; do you accept the quality of the cloth?

 Nothing like the material we get from Pakistan. My love for Jamawars is never ending

9. Your competitors in business, are they a threat?

I have no competitors in this industry as I am a happy go lucky soul who has a massive passion for beautiful clothes and respect all the senior designers who have been in this industry for decades.

10. Your plans for future?

 My future plans are to have a design house in all the major cities of Pakistan but at the same time to take one step at a time.

Gulzeb Asif is a Dubai based Pakistani fashion designer who recently showcased her collection at Pantene Bridal Couture Week by Style360. Gulzeb Asif shares her experience in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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