Gravity is one of the blockbuster movies of 2013. Gravity is big budget movie and has the power to attract a large number of audiences to see movie in theatre. The movie creates a sense of excitement, wonder and suspense. The movie is 3D, heart pounding thriller that pulls you in unforgettable realm of deepest and darkest space. The science fiction thriller movie Gravity is the story about two astronauts who lost in space.

The word space is another name of dead zone where is no oxygen, no sound, air pressure and deep blackness which shows it is impossible to survive in space. You would feel like part of the movie because Gravity is 3D. It is a pretty simple survival story of two people who adrift in space after destruction of shuffle in catastrophic debris collision and make attempts to come back to the earth. The heart achingly tender movie has two handsome Hollywood stars that are 375 miles above the earth crust, facing wilderness and making attempt to go back to earth. The art style, cinematography and visuals are spectacular and gripping. The visually stunning movie is full package of entertainment in the blackness of space.

The co-writer, director, co-editor and co-producer of the Gravity is Alfonso Cuaron. The leading role of astronauts is played by shinning stars of Hollywood George Coolney and Sandra Bullock. She played the role of a brilliant medical engineer named Dr. Rayan Stone who is on her first shuttle mission with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky role played by George Coolney who is on last flight before retiring.

Rayan Stone has her first trip in the orbit while astronaut Kowalsky is commanding his final flight. Both along with other NASA astronauts are on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. In this trip a disaster strikes and destroys shuttle. A Russian missile strikes on the satellite in the catastrophic debris collision. Exploding Russian satellite sends Debris which flew at both of them for an hour and their shuttle has destroyed.

At the result of destruction, both Dr. Rayan Stone and Kowalsky are isolated and powerless. They are alone in vastness of space and no one is there to help them in space. Stone and Kowalsky managed to survive themselves from debris and regroup themselves while other crew has died.

The appearance of both characters in movie is like new born babies whose head seems to be bigger in size and round due to oxygen helmet and they don’t leave each other hands whatever happens to be passing and an umbilical cord aspect is also found in the form of lifeline that keeps them tethered. The visually mesmerizing movie is what you never seen before.

The masterpiece of Cuaron creates a sense of realism. The visual effects are magical and mind blowing while Steven’s price electronic sound track make everything prominent. Cauron beautifully captured the immense deafening and silence of the space. The marvelous cinematography and magnificent visual effects with 3D, behind all this genius Gravity the person is Cuaron.

Gravity is a huge technically dazzling movie of Hollywood. It is a pretty simple story of two astronauts who are lost in space due to debris collision and make attempts to go back to the earth.

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