Go ‘Fashionista’ this Eid!

Soon the Holy month of Ramadan will be leaving us and in return for our fasting Allah Almighty will give us Muslims the gift of Eid. As Eid is the time of festivities for us Muslims so let’s find out style tips for Eid to make this Eid trendy.

Eid is the time of celebrations and we Muslims really look forward to it every year. I love this time of the year when families get together; new clothes are to be worn, varieties of sweet-dishes are made, dinners/BBQ is held, all in all it is a time to party! Now when we say it is the time to party it also means new clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry etc. etc. Most of the shopping is how ever done way before Eid yet girls love to go out at Chand Raat for ‘Mehndi‘ and ‘Churriyan’ where as boys hangout because they love girls. 🙂

As Eid is coming in between summer and winter this year when the weather is hot and humid so Eid fashion trends are also according to the weather. Therefore, speaking of Eid-ul-Fitr I was wondering what new we could do with the latest Fashion trends and below are the style tips for Eid I thought of for making you look stylish on this Eid.

  • Clothes
    We all know long flowing dresses are in vogue which means we can make the most out of the expensive cloth we buy. Kaftans are a la mode now a days they are available in variety of colors and designs. My Eid style tip for you is get your own Kaftan stitched and experiment with it. Choose your own combinations of the ribbons or embroidery with the color of the cloth. There are also a vast variety of laces available in market at very economical prices just search for the one made for you. You can also find colorful flowers made out of ribbons which will look really nice if used wisely on your Kaftan. Other than Kaftans, long A-line shirts are the love of every girl so what you should do to make your dress unique is go bold with the ribbons and laces you use on your dress. Choose bold colors and you can also show your dress off by using 3 or 4 layers of ribbons on the ‘daaman’ and sleeves of your shirt. Same colored layers of ribbons can also be used on the end of the loose trouser.
  • Bangels
    As loose and elbow length sleeves are in vogue your forearm is visible making plenty of space to wear bangles. So another Eid style tip is to match your bangles with the laces or ribbons you use. I personally like ‘Kaanch ki Churiyan‘ they are available in almost every bold color you can think of. Mix them up and show off your girly side.
  • Make Up for Eid
    Lucky us that the latest makeup trend also involves bold colored eye makeup i.e. orange, mint green, purple, mauve, yellow etc. Experiment with your makeup before Eid so that on Eid Day you are all set to do your thing. My makeup style tip for Eid includes bold eye makeup with lots of mascara, a little blush-on and shimmery gloss on the lips. (Avoid using too much of foundations etc. in summer)
  • Shoes
    Fortunately platform heel shoes are also in this year so go out grab a pair of those heart throbbing shoes. Designs from Stylo, Comley, Milli, Oeces,Metro are my personal favorite.
  • Mehndi Designs
    One could write a whole article on the mehndi designs for Eid style tips but here I will just mention the names of a few mehndi designs which are chic for Eid-ul-Fitr 2010. So the mehndi designs trendy for this year are Arabic mehndi designs, Modified Islamic mehndi design and Indian Mehndi designs. What I personally prefer is the latest Arabic Mehndi design which is rather simple with a pattern of flowers and leafs made on hands and feet leaving a major part blank. Other designs which cover whole of the hand, arms and legs seem to be too old fashioned now and mostly they are used in weddings.
  • Hair Styles
    My last but not the least Eid Style tip is about how to style your hair. The latest fashion trend for hair includes long hair-dos. So my Eid style tip which includes some modification to the latest fashion trend (because I like the ‘desi’ touch) is the use of ‘Parandas'(already made braids out of thread to be worn when you make a pigtail). Believe me ‘Parandas’ go very well with long flowing shirts and if you know how to carry them off they can make you look really stylish. Parandas are available in very beautiful colors and eye catchy designs in the market so do grab one of them.

These are some of my Eid Style Tips hope that you get some ideas on how to make this Eid fashionable yet keeping it ‘Desi’ as ‘Desi’ Rocks! 😉


Have a Fashionable Eid!

Soon the Holy month of Ramadan will be leaving us and in return for our fasting Allah Almighty will give us Muslims the gift of Eid.

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