Gloves Trend For Winter 2014

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invetion. It would not be wrong to say that fashion is also the mother of necessity. The most practical and fashionable accessory of the cold winter is nothing but trendy gloves. A warm and stylish pair of gloves is one of must have accessories of winter.

Gloves come in multitude of colors, sizes, length and styles. It is easy to choose pair for every occasion and regular way. Gloves can be more fun when you embrace new styles in gloves. Do you want to know what is in and what is out in the gloves trend 2014? Don’t worry. Find out what is hugely in trend this winter and look chic chick.

Fingerless gloves:

The 80’s fashion of fingerless gloves has made their way back to the fashion. Gloves cover wrist and palm. These gloves are not warm but hot. These gloves have been choice of most of celebrities also. As these gloves allow hot celebrities to cover half hand and wrist and leave finger free to sign autographs for their fans. Want a celebrity style? Go for fingerless gloves. For more feminine look, choose for ones with bows embedded on them. 

Kinky gloves:

For your extraordinary look, kinky gloves are ideal. The kinky pair of gloves has always been in trend and best way to grab attention. These gloves are plastic or leather shoulder length gloves. Go for a chic chick pair of kinky gloves.

Leather gloves:

Get your hands on the pair of gorgeous and stylish pair of leather gloves. Leather gloves are the perfect match to winter wardrobe. Make sure to choose leather gloves in the same color of your outfit. In the New York Fashion Week, many models were also spotted wearing stunning pair of leather gloves.

Zipped gloves:

Zipped gloves are one of most trendy hand wears. They are ideal hand wear warmers which are made of wool. These gloves serve the basic purpose of protection from winter while keep you stylish. Keep your style youthful, fresh and trendy with zipped hand warmers.    

Velvet hand gloves:

Velvet hand gloves are also trendy and best for keeping one warm. These hand wear does not only make you warm but also look pretty and gorgeous. If you opt for velvet gloves, mustard yellow, deep purple and poison green will definitely work best.   


In length, elbow length gloves are popular. Now you don’t have to put off your summer favorite shirts with half sleeves. You can easily wear half sleeves in stylish way by wearing long elbow gloves. Classic long black leather gloves are still the winner. Elbow length gloves look stunning if teamed with short cocktail dresses as well as short skirts.  


Pick bright colors like green, red, pink and purple. If you are choosing zipped leather gloves then black and brown are best fashionable choice. The style of showing off jewelry over gloves is back in fashion. For formal wear, jazz up your gloves with statement jewelry. Flaunt your chunky ring, delicate bracelet and wrist watch over gloves. Look updated in winter with stylish and trendy pair of gloves.

Gloves are a more practical winter accessory. Gloves are making a debut this season also with some new styles and fashion. Find out what colors, sizes and trends are popular this fall. Create stylish statement with trendy pair of gloves.

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