Amir Khan, a true Bollywood personality has won the hearts of people once more time. His new blockbuster Hindi movie GHAJINI, performed very well on cinema screens.

Amir Khan had the privilege of being born in a noted film family. But it is not necessary that being born with a silver spoon in mouth is enough to guarantee success in life.

This man proves that he is a man with guts. He started his career in films with a runaway success called Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, a film directed by his cousin, Mansoor Khan.
After making his place in Indian film industry as well as in the hearts of people, he stepped into the production, and produced his first hit ‘Lagaan’ as producer.

In his latest hit titled Ghajini, he appears in a different role, a soft & loving successful businessman turned into a patient. Ghajini is a story of true, unforgettable love and revenge of a man who later suffers with short term memory lose. 

The movie includes stars, Amir Khan, Asin (a new shining star of Bollywood) and Jiah Khan, and most important the director A.R Murugadoss, first made the Tamil adaption of the film Ghajini in 2005, inspired from director Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Memento’. But it is interesting to note the Murugadoos hadn’t seen Memento, but he only heard about its story. So, do not think that this movie is a similar or a cheat version of that Hollywood movie.
In this movie, Amir Khan appears as one of the successful businessman of the country, Sanjay Singhania. Who runs a big cellular phone company and a very rich person.

 Asin performed the role of a model as Kalpana sing her praises to her friends and peers that she is the love attention of Sanjay, though in reality she doesn’t even recognize the man.

When Sanjay comes to know about this unknown fan of his, he decides to chase away her fantasy. But when was in his way to meet that girl he sees a beautiful woman helping the handicapped kids cross the road. Instantly, Sanjay developed a slight interest for her. Later, he comes to know that she is Kalpana, the same model who show off of being his girlfriend.

Sanjay introduced himself to Kalpana but doesn’t disclose his real identity. Then they both started spending time with one another, he helps her in different ways. In this way he falls in love with her and finally one day proposed her. Which she accepts later, and both started their love journey.
The movie goes beautiful with chunks of comedy till intermission but then on a train ride, Kalpana saves a group of young girls from a disruptive group of eve-teasing gangsters. A few days later, the same group of eve teasers, led by their notorious head (Pradeep Rawat) close in on Kalpana. But Sanjay arrives and fights them. In the resulting fight, Kalpana is killed and Sanjay is hit on his head with an iron rod.

Though Sanjay is able to survive the injury but he loses his memory, and get affected by the short term memory lose. He gets only flashbacks of what really happened and his short memory makes it difficult to remember things he did just fifteen minutes before.

Now the main interest of the movie develops that how does this man, who forget the things in such a short span of time, take the revenge of his beloved.  In this scenario, Jiah Khan, a medical student helps him after creating a great trouble for him in non sense.  Well, we would say about this girl that in the movie she more concentrate to expose herself as a sexy lady rather to concentrate than on her acting. You will see her successes in the film, in this regard.
                     The songs of the film are also worth listening and its music has given by A R Rahman and lyrics by Prasoon Joshi .

About the film we must say that you need a big stamina to digest the heavy dose of physical violence on both the love birds, Kalpana and Sanjay. On the whole it’s a romantic and full of revenge movie with Amir Khan’s huge muscles.


Ghajini is a romantic and full of revenge movie with huge muscles of Amir Khan.

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