Food Trends You Need To Know About

The trend for healthy eating is here and since its summer time, fresh and healthy is all the craze. Keeping that in mind we have identified a few food trends for you to follow for healthy eating.


It’s not just only Olive oil anymore. In fact, the use of Avocado, hazelnut, coconut, sesame, and benne seed oils are all on the rise. These can be used in cooking, finishing, and even in brews. These oils are not only limited to use in food but body applications as well as they have numerous health benefits.



Tea will be big this year – served hot, cold, or anything in between. Now even teas have diversified with numerous types. They have different flavours each of which provide different benefits. Flavored teas, iced teas, black tea, green tea, you name it and you have it. A regular trend was hi-tea but now there’s also ‘low tea’. Low tea is a light meal or snack served around 4:00 pm and shared with guests.


Nut Milks:

North Americans agree, nut milks like almond and cashew are here to stay. There are many recipes containing such fruits. Now chefs around the world are turning to nut milks to add a kink to beverages, feasts, and dips.



You can never go wrong with vegetables. However, one of the most under-rated vegetable is perhaps the Cauliflower. It is one of those vegetables often overlooked. It diminishes in contrast to other vegetables that seem to get all the consideration. However, it is predicted that cauliflower will be served in starters and main courses all around.


Ice Cream:

Dessert? Well sorry to burst the bubble but Donuts, cupcakes, and cro-nuts (croissant and donut combination) are things of days gone past. This year, it’s about ice cream sandwiches. It is all about ice cream between cookies, oreo, and wafers. Serve a mishmash of your own for sweet and your invitees will certainly be fascinated.


Minty Drinks

Mint is making a comeback, and while it is good to see it in acquainted dishes, such as dark-chocolate patties, its presence in soda and flavored water is what is most refreshing, because it shows us just how flexible the herb can be. So sit back and enjoy some minty margaritas.


Spiced-Up Sweets:

Snack item manufacturers are combining the trendiest spices with sweet elements. New flavor combinations are bursting up in everything from candies to granola bars. New chocolates now contain Almonds, peanuts and cashews which are topped with a delicate covering of various spices, and then drizzled with dark chocolate.


Cactus Water:

Drinking cactus water has a profound effect on your body along with an interesting flavor. It is not as sweet as coconut water but provides similar health benefits as it is a good source of naturally occurring electrolytes, mineral deposits and flavonoids, as well as antioxidants.


Freeze Dried Fruit:

The fruit is taken in its regular form, then dried out, or freeze dried. The left over is a dry, crunchy version of the original, which is very poles apart from normal dried fruit. It is an exciting substitute to traditional candy.


Food trends are fascinating and certainly inspiring. You’ll find a few of these popping up on Health Dish in the New Year. Happy eating..!!!

The trend for healthy eating is here and since its summer time, fresh and healthy is all the craze.

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