Flip Flops: Safe bet!

Flip-flops are a very basic type of summer footwear, essentially a thin rubber sole with two simple straps. The popular use of flip-flops as simple outdoor or summer footwear has spread through much of the world;  rubber flip-flops are the cheapest footwear available. Flip-flops are typically considered seasonal, disposable footwear. Depending on the material makeup of the shoe, the average pair of flip-flops lasts a year or less. Flip-flops are also popular with those who enjoy being barefoot. Flip-flops can be quickly and easily removed and are are easy to carry.

The flip-flop indicated a cultural shift similar to when blue jeans were first worn in public. Flip-flops have become all the rage.  The essential summer footwear!  Coming in all colors and sizes, fancy, plain, cheap, expensive…you name it!  Everyone seems to wear flip-flops everywhere They´ve been improving the materials and designs through the years and nowadays you can even find flip-flops engraved with Swarovski crystals. The perfect summer footwear more stylised. Perfecto!

When the weather is warm, and the styles are skimpy, more attention than ever will be paid to the shoes you're wearing. Flip-flops are the safe bet; you can’t go wrong with them ever.

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