Faysal Quraishi Offers Apology to Legal Community Following Backlash over ‘Zulm’ Drama

Actor Faysal Quraishi has extended an apology to the legal community after facing criticism from the Karachi Bar Association for his portrayal in the HUM TV drama series, “Zulm”. The Karachi Bar Association issued a formal condemnation of the drama, citing disrespectful language towards the legal fraternity.

In “Zulm”, Quraishi plays the role of a morally corrupt individual who abuses his power to seek revenge on a woman who rejects him, often belittling his legal team in the process.

Expressing their disapproval, the Karachi Bar Association demanded apologies from both Quraishi and the owner of HUM TV, Sultana Siddiqui. They asserted that the portrayal in the drama had tarnished the reputation of the legal profession.

In response, Quraishi acknowledged the uproar in an Instagram video, expressing regret for any offense caused. He clarified that as an actor, he merely delivers lines as written, but acknowledged that certain dialogues may have crossed a line.

“I’m very sorry if someone was hurt, personally I don’t like hurting people, because I am part of this society and if someone talks about me I also get hurt,” Quraishi stated, emphasizing his respect for the legal community.

The Karachi Bar Association warned of potential legal action if their demand for an apology was not met, highlighting the seriousness of the issue.

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