Fawad Khan feared ‘fatwa’ over Kapoor & Sons Role

By playing a homosexual in Kapoor & Sons Fawad Khan exposed himself to being the target of a fatwa by the clerics. This is a fear that is growing in his mind and has gone to the extent of openly expressing it.

He gave vent to his thoughts and inner fears, during the course of a recent interview with First Post. This star of Kapoor & Sons confessed that he and the film makers expected #FatwaForFawad tweets on social media after the movie was released. Somehow those fears did not turn out to be true.

When asked if Pakistani audience have become less conservative, Fawad Khan said, “I would believe so, but now that you have mentioned it again, they might just slap me with a fatwa. [laughs] You’re giving people ideas.”

But seriously, 10 to 20 years ago, mainstream actors in both countries were hesitant to play eunuchs. They got over that. It is a part of life, how can you ignore it? Earlier just using the word hijra or eunuch would cause people to giggle,” he said.

“Similar was the case with homosexuality, transsexuals or what not. Some people still giggle, but that giggle is much better than responding violently. And again with the current affairs taking place all over the world, people have started realizing there are so many more beautiful things in life than just like focusing on these issues in a negative way.

No doubt ladies are overcome with emotion on seeing but this effect bothers him a little. He likes it more when he is appreciated for his acting skills and had no hesitation in advising fans not to get obsessed with looks but watch critically about how they are performing the role. He also laid bare his thoughts about refusing to do intimate scenes as he felt his core fan audience may not feel comfortable with that. Yet he played the homosexual in Kapoor and Sons.

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan feared 'fatwa' over his bollywood film Kapoor and Sons role.

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