Fashion Under The Umbrella – Monsoon Trends 2012

Ring-a-ring o’ roses,

A pocket full of posies,

A-tishoo! A-tishoo!

We all fall down, and here comes monsoon fashion rain with all joys of life and of course a scrumptious mood of bright colors and juicy hues with distinct cuts which will wipe out the light soothing tinges of hot summers. So here comes the droplet ride to joyous monsoon fashion trends 2012.

1. Fashion & Trends For Monsoon

This year monsoon trend breeze is pointing towards a lot of fun and expressive fashion in which one can go beyond the boundaries, fashion for monsoon is particularly too colorful with a lot of volume at the hems and fitted trousers with much use of curvy cut lines, color blocking could also be used and mixing of prints with plain fabrics too can give a fresh effect. Overall it is going to be an experimental one so doesn’t be shy jump into the rain of fashion this monsoon.

2.    Colors & Hues For Monsoon Fashion

There is going to be a lot of contrast and mix-n-match of deadly vibrant and juicy colors and hues this monsoon such as Electra green, expressive yellow, ultramarine blue with all the flamboyant psychedelic tints and don’t forget to add color of the year 2012 that is tangerine tango in your monsoon wardrobe.

3. Cuts & Silhouettes For Monsoon Fashion

Monsoons are very much light and refreshing in nature so try not to overdo the garments and be careful with the cuts and silhouettes, be minimalistic in fabric quantities, avoid excessive layering of garments just keep it simple and breathe fresh fashion this monsoon. Don’t forget to remember the air is in very much playful mood so use longer lengths with diagonal cuts and more blousing at sleeves.

4. Fabrics Best For Monsoon Fashion

Fabric selection should be done very carefully considering the wet atmosphere in monsoons, fabric should be lighter in weight and also be skin friendly so that when it rains it doesn’t itch your skin so use cottons with different weaves e.g. lawn, cotton khaddar or chicken can also work with minimal use of chiffons.

5.    Prints For Monsoon Fashion

Use some light foulard prints or directly jump to some big chunky floral or paisleys because this monsoon fashion is not a medium taste, play in the rain of prints as much as you can, use printed chiffons in sleeves and yokes for some sheerness also.

6. Footwear In Monsoon Fashion

Try to find some jumpy and in the air footwear this monsoon e.g. try flip flops in neon colors or use some high cork wedges to feel light at the heels. Do not use pointy heels because it might end up a bit slippery.

7. Accessories To Carry In Monsoon Fashion

Monsoon is a party booster so it’s time to use all the accessories in the drawer to add up a bling to your style. Use charm bracelets, glass bangles, ring earrings or drop earrings and try to keep good shades with you all the time, so that you can play hide and seek with the sun, well playing out is the fashion of monsoon. Enjoy!

8. Yippee Its Rainy EID This Monsoon

It’s rainy Eid this year’s monsoon and a chance to add some ethnic touch to your wardrobe add some ethnic prints and embroideries to your wardrobe and try some handmade ethnic jewelry with it and has a drop of fashioned blessings this monsoon.

9. Do’s & Don’ts In Monsoon Fashion

  • Do not wear too much makeup this monsoon, use waterproof ones but in minimal quantity.
  • Do not use too much synthetic fabric.
  • Try to stick to some pure blends.
  • Try not to use those metals which can react to moisture in air.
  • Keep yourself fashioned this monsoon.

Monsoons have always been nature's gift after such hot summers, a blessing in a cloud which suddenly changes the air around us and eventually brings a definite change in our wardrobe.

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