Fashion Flashback: 80s Trends are Cool again

Fashion is constantly changing and the fact is that old trends are again in fashion. Whatever you wear becomes fashion these days but the 80s fashion was very much popular and now it’s back. 

80s trends are cool again and the jumpsuit is one of the fashion which is being followed by every woman. Jumpsuits are so popular now that they have become a fashion symbol. You can wear it with nice blazers in winters and with a pair of heels to grab the attention of the crowd. Jumpsuits make you look slim and smart and the interesting fact about them is that woman belonging to all age group can wear it. All the designers have a line of jumpsuits

We can see that each and every designer is using the shinny materials such as nets, disco and other materials which give shines. This is not something very new it was the 80’s trend at that time these fabrics were very in. These fabrics were stitched in this way that it gives volume to the body and make you look like a princess. Nowadays, designers are using this material for bridal and party wear and people really appreciate it.

Young girls get much fascinated from the shoulder pads they find it very attractive but yet it is again an old 80s trend. They make you feel out of the worlds as shoulder pad is the way to show pride. The fact is it that they are quite uncomfortable and makes you look unnatural so many woman doesn’t like them much. 

Another 80s flashback is the miniskirts, girls love to wear it. Denim mini skirt is always in and looks classy. Denim mini skirt looks very elegant when worn with leggings. Skirts are best in summers and hence make you look younger. Fashion black: 80s trends are cool again with miniskirts. 

The 80s was the time when polka dots become much hit and they are again in fashion. Polka dots were never out it is a style statement for everyone: simple and elegant. No one can ever forget the 80s trend, the much appreciated and followed trend was wearing big sweat shirts and uppers. Usually women wore them with some belts or with mini skirt which looks really hot. 

Everyone is saying 80s are back and yes this is so far true, all the neon colors are much in fashion these days and so they were quite popular in the 80s. Multiple neon colors are in fashion, they look amazing if they are carried well. Neon colors are best in Pakistan for weather like summers and spring. Leggings are a big hit of the season. You can see women wearing them with long shirts. They are comfortable and give you a stylish look at the same time. 

In Pakistan, the trend of wearing palazzo pant is one the top. Everyone is wearing either it suits them or not. They look amazing in formal and casual wear. Palazzos look very elegant when worn with long shirts, and informal wear you can wear embellished palazzos.

On the other hand jelly shoes look very funky and different, makes you feel that its summers. Other than that wedges and block heels are again in fashion which makes you realize that 80s are back. Also, the 80s was the golden time period everyone wants to look different and same is the case now.

As far as accessorizes were concerned at that time costume jewelry was at its peak and now we can see models wearing this kind of jewelry in the fashion shows. The 80s was the time when fashion was accepted all over the world and no one can forget that time.


80s trends are cool again, as it was the golden era of fashion industry. Many new fashions were introduced such as jumpsuits, trousers, different new colors which made fashion more colorful. Now all these trends are back but with more new things.

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