Fashion Designers Amber Chughtai Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

1.  What inspired you to get into the field of designing?

Ans: It was a desire to design to bring about delicacy, harmony and to express happiness to a women’s life. I have an inspiration of making women look beautiful in simplicity femininity and strength.

2.  Do you have professional training, and do you feel it’s essential for a designer to have a professional education?

Ans: Yes I have been working with my sister for more than 6 years. Yes I feel it is essential to have a professional education because fashion designing is a highly competitive and exciting industry where only the most talented professionals advance.

3. What is the over-riding aesthetic in your designing?

Ans: Unique cut and silhouettes with minimalistic embellishments.

4. What is your educational and professional background and how do you feel it prepared you for a career in fashion designing?

Ans: I have completed my bachelors from Karachi University and have been professionally working with my sister who is also a designer. Thus the knowledge and sense of business along with the practical exposure of the day to day operations of a fashion design business has prepared me for a career in fashion designing.

5. What drew you to fashion and specifically to starting your own line?

Ans: I was really inspired by the real beauty of woman strength and style. I felt I had the all the abilty and skills and knowledge and wanted to work for myself so I pursued a career in fashion and started my own line and named it “Cranberry”. Cranberry came into fashion field with the purpose of giving its essence of style to the world.

6. What is the best perk in being a fashion designer?

Ans.: Obviously designers love to play their sense of style and creativity and being appreciated is a great reward.

7. What is the most difficult aspect about running your own label?

Ans: The most difficult aspect is to manage your team and meet the deadlines

8. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry?

Ans: I think people should understand that any sincere designer would have their own identity and style to bring about something unique and different from others which highlight their work.

9. What do you wish you had known before entering the fashion industry?

Ans: Yeh I wish we had known more about dealing with hippocratesso that you can bring out your work without any hurdles.

10. Tell us about your process in designing a new collection.

Ans: It starts from sketching a design then merchandising, embroideries, printing if required and stitching which end up on model shoot.

11. What excites you the most about your new collections?

Ans: Obviously the response from the customers.

12. Where do you get your design inspirations from?

Ans: We are inspired with the nature and our own culture.

13. Apart from designing outfits, what else do you enjoy designing?

Ans: Yes we do enjoy designing ladies handbags and shoes.

14. What is the one city in the world that you would showcase your designs?

Ans: In Paris.

15. Has being a designer changed the way you buy outfits for yourself?

Ans: Absolutely no. We have good and talented designers which I like.

16. What fabric do you enjoy working with the most?

Ans: Chiffons and charmeuse.

17. What trends do you see being big for 2013?

Ans: For this season lace and stripes with pastel shades would be in. Look is going to be classy not trashy which embraces femininity.

18.  What role do you think price points play in the success of a prêt line?

Ans: Price points play an important role because customers want good quality at an affordable price. 

19. Do you think prêt is defined by a price point or by a sensibility?

Ans: It is essential for prêt to have a qualitative and sensible design in a reasonable price.

20. Describe the Cranberry?

Ans: Cranberry was established in 2011 with a vision of bringing together fashion, lifestyle and experience. Through intuition, visions and the determination of the founders as well as a strong team of workers the company emerged. Creative director Amber Chughtai is Head of Design of Cranberry.

A passion for fashion, creativity and uniqueness are important ingredients in the brand’s policy. A well thought-out strategy and input from all involved make this labels a success.Cranberry presents allure and exquisite designs with contemporary cuts and premier fabrics in excellent stitches and finishes.The brand covers an extensive product range consisting of classic-modern wear, elegant evening and relaxed casual fashion wear.

Intensive quality and innovative designs enhance the recognition of Cranberry and its image. Our success is founded on the creation of enduring relationships within the industry, and the importance of maintaining high quality products at affordable prices and solid partnerships with our clients. Cranberry pret wear is available at Ellemint Pret. Cranberry is also establishing its presence in the UK, Norway, US, UAE, etc

"Customer is always the first" and "Strive for Excellence" are our business philosophy.

With Cranberry you can be sure to dress for success

Fashion Designer Amber Chughtai talks to Fashion Central about her latest designing ideas and passion for cuts in an exclusive interview.

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