Fashion Designers Aleena & Fareena Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

Q1.What inspired you to get into the field of designing?
Ans: Our top most inspiration in this field was Misbah Shafqat, who has been a designer for 20years and has helped and guided us all the way through.
Q2.Do you have professional training, and do you feel it’s essential for a designer to have a professional education?
Ans: Unfortunately we don’t have a formal training, but we have lots of experience and passion for this field. However, we believe that if someone doesn’t have exposure to fashion designing should acquire training.

Q3. What is the over-riding aesthetic in your designing?

Ans: Our ability to manipulate different colors in order to leave the audience mesmerized.

Q4. What is your educational and professional background and how do you feel it prepared you for a career in fashion designing?

Ans: I Aleena, was an art student and I strongly believe that it has helped me convey my cuts designs in a very effective manner. It is very important for one to be able to correctly project what they have pictured to the ones who are going to create it.

Q5. What drew you to fashion and specifically to starting your own line?

Ans: nothing can draw you to fashion, it comes within. However, the appreciation & demand from people around us was a major factor that encouraged us to start our own line of clothing.

Q6. What is the best perk in being a fashion designer?

Ans: The best feeling is that there are no boundaries to creativity! Being a designer gives you the liberty in bringing to the market your own interpretation of fashion.

Q7. What is the most difficult aspect about running your own label?

Ans: The most challenging task is meeting with deadlines as there are problems like law and order, CNG closures and other unexpected strikes. In this atmosphere it becomes stressful to cope with commitments.

Q8. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry?

Ans: I wish people would understand that in order to be different and outstanding one should create cuts and styles that would last more than a year and not just a few months.

Q9. What do you wish you had known before entering the fashion industry?

Ans: That it is very time consuming! Each and every design requires your attention and you have to pay attention to the finest details. The nature of the business is not such that it can be passed on to juniors working for you because then it loses your touch.

Q10. Tell us about your process in designing a new collection?

Ans: We go about each and every piece individually. Once the first piece is put into process of manufacturing, we concentrate on the next design.
Q11. What excites you the most about your new collections?
Ans: We always promise to introduce a new & different trend in each exhibition. Of course the client’s reaction to the collection always excites us the most. We through enjoy replenishing our wardrobes with new designs too.
Q12. Where do you get your design inspirations from?
Ans: We can get our inspiration from anywhere or anything. A beautiful Persian rug or a colour combination of upholstery could inspire us. When you have the eye for fashion anything can inspire you.

Q13. Apart from designing outfits, what else do you enjoy designing?

Ans: We enjoy doing interiors as well. However, we have not emerged into the market as yet, but again the freedom in creativity in this field is definitely attractive.
Q14. What is the one city in the world that you would showcase your designs?
Ans: We would love to showcase our collection in Paris, fashion capital of the world.
Q15. Has being a designer changed the way you buy outfits for yourself?
Ans15: It certainly has because it has given us a strong sense to recognize good quality work.

Q16. What fabric do you enjoy working with the most?

Ans: We enjoy fabrics that drape well. Not many people can pull off stiff matrerials such as organza and Kataan Silk.

Q17. What trends do you see being big for 2013?

Ans: We think that in 2013 the shirts will be shorter with sleek damaans. Fashion is diverting towards straighter lines.

Q18. What role do you think price points play in the success of a prêt line?

Ans:  We believe that it is not always about the price as many buyers would pay a premium if the right quality with a new look is offered to them. However there is no denial that there is a growing price war.

Q19. Do you think prêt is defined by a price point or by a sensibility?

Ans: The price point plays an immense role as lower and affordable prices are likely to result in customers being relatively at ease while picking something off the rack.

Fashion designers Aleena & Fareena talk about their love for fashion designing in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central. They speak about their passion for cuts and how they made their brand.

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