Fashion Designer Saira Rizwan’s Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

1.    What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is how you dress and define yourself. For me it’s a way of lifestyle and passion.

2.    How would you define your own sense of style?

My style is modern and trendy. I do not design and follow the typical trends.

3.    What was the first outfit that you designed?

It was wedding dress for a girl in Peshawar.

4.    How long does it usually take for you to design an outfit?

I design a complete collection, designing a single outfit without any inspiration is so boring. It takes about a month or 2 max to complete a collection.

5.    What do you believe makes a quality outfit?

The fabric quality and its stitching.

6.    How do you prepare for a fashion show?

We set aside a team, which includes assistant designers, sketchers, samplers and a stylist. First we decide the theme of the collection and then we make the mood board and the color board and from there it goes on.

7.    Do you prefer sketching designs or actually constructing them?

I am more on the construction side.

8.    What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Stay motivated and have lots and lots of patience.

9.    What do you like best about designing clothes?

I get to wear my Samples.

10.    How would you define the style of your current collection?

My Latest collection is called the “tez women”. It’s based on Moroccan prints.

11.    What are some of your fashion goals?

I cannot compromise on the quality of my outfit which is why I am taking its slow; I do plan on branching out bier only when I feel I can keep a good quality check everywhere.

12.    Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration can be derived from anything and everything. A price of jewelry, person, place… Lots of things.

13.    What are your favorite fabrics to work with and why?

I love Kimkhab, it is so rich and beautiful.

14.    Do you prefer designing more for Bridal wear or prêt?

I like making bridals but there is only much that can be done in a bridal. However prêt wear has no boundaries, so I think I like making prêt more than bridal.

15.    What was your latest accomplishment?

Soon I will be opening up my studio on a very prime location in Lahore. I think that for me is a milestone.

Fashion designer Saira Rizwan reveals her future plans in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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