Fashion Designer Nida Ali Talks to Fashion Central

Tell us a bit about your latest collection?

Since this collection is for Dubai, so it is based on a fusion line. Nice tops on western cuts with the use of leatherette and embellishments on motifs inspired by tradition and nature.

What has been your major inspiration for your designs?

Anything could inspire me but generally, my inspiration comes from nature, cultures and traditions.

You will be one of the designers joining Asad Tareen at The Designers in Dubai, what do you generally look forward to at a multi brand store?

Well when it comes to ‘the Designers’, I really don’t look for too much as Asad is a veteran and among the pioneers of multi brand stores in Pakistan. Plus my experience with him has given me enough confidence to trust his judgment.

How did you first hear about The Designers?

The Designers is a very well reputed and leading multi brand store and very well known among the fashion fraternity.

How has your experience been with Asad Tareen at The Designers?

It has been great. I have expanded with him from Karachi to Islamabad and now Dubai.

How are designers benefiting from Multi Brand Stores?

It is not practically possible for every designer to have his / her own outlet, that’s where these multi brand store come in. Also, they provide access to the creations of many designers under one roof which is a great convenience, so it’s a win-win situation for all, designers, buyers and the store owners.

What do you think about the market for Pakistani fashion in Dubai?

I think there is a huge market for Pakistani fashion in Dubai as there is a huge population of non residents from South Asia. 

With so many multi brand stores opening, are designer less keen on opening their own outlet now?

The trend shows that more and more designers are keeping a mix of their own outlet(s) and then branch out through multi brand stores.

Fashion Designer Nida Ali talks to Fashion Central about her latest venture in Dubai in an exclusive interview.

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