Fashion Designer Madiha Ibrar talks to Fashion Central

Madiha Ibrar, Who splits her time between an active social life and work, has found success exactly where she always wanted to be where dreams and reality merge together to form creations that make women look elegant and beautiful.

1. So let’s start from the beginning. Could you tell us a little about how you got into design?

From a very young age, I had a passion for designing clothes. There was something in me which wanted to make the women look beautiful. I used to go through a lot of fashion magazines, attend fashion shows and stalk celebrities spotting the latest fashion trends. I accompanied my friend on her visit to the tailor and saw the whole process of sketching which was indeed so impressive that I came home and started drawing sketches. From there onwards, I knew that I wanted to become fashion designer.

2. How would you describe your design style?

I generally avoid the cliché designs. Every creation of mine is different from the others.

3. Describe your early days in this occupation. Did you consider it a form of business or an art?

For me, designing was an art. Money was never the concern so I always concentrated on my work.

4. What are the days when you feel most creative?

Haha! My creative energies are revitalized on Sundays, when I’m cozily sipping a cup of coffee in my balcony. Also, when I’m travelling, viewing other people’s work, visiting designer stores and boutiques gives me a sense of inspiration from other people’s work.

5. Could you please share some pearls of wisdom for young designers. Any suggestions or advice you would like to give them.

Pakistan is a country full of different ethnicities and rich in culture. We need to look amongst our people for inspiration when it comes to designing clothes. Using our culture as a tool, the younger designers of Pakistan should focus on more traditional outfits. This will help us get recognized as a nation internationally and not just as one individual designer. There is no lack of talent amongst the youth but there is a need for active representation. Moreover, there should be a bigger platform for them to showcase the talent they possess. We need to learn from international standards but instead of trying to compete with them, the focus should be laid on crafting our own identity.

6. How do you think the fashion industry is evolving in Pakistan? What is the future?

The fashion industry is at its peak and is rapidly moving towards internationalizing itself. There are some amazing designers that have come up recently providing a blend of west meets east. By combining urban with rural, some fresh and exotic ideas have sprung up creating a demand for Pakistani designers abroad. There are certain areas where one feels that the fashion industry is fast leaving its traditional roots that had made it exotic and appealing in the first place. There is a need to hold on to those ideas. The future seems bright if we stay on creating a unique identity for ourselves as mentioned earlier.

7. According to you, what is the “golden rule” in design?

Each design should be unique.

8. So enlighten us a bit about your family? Have they always supported you and your decisions? How do you manage work and your family?

My family has always been besides me through thick and thin and supported my decisions. They’re aware of how passionate I am about my work and they encourage me to shoot for the stars. I owe every little success of mine to my family.

9. The Real Essence of Life is…

Cherishing each other and our relationships.

10. Last but not the least, what are your future plans?

My future plan is to expand my clothing line and uplift the brand name as much as possible.

Fashion designers Madiha Ibrar talks about her love for fashion designing in this exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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