Fashion Designer Aisha Alam talks to Fashion Central

Why designing?

Q1: What inspired you to get into the field of designing?

A1: it started back in the days when I was designing lawns/linens for Gulahmed , I knew exactly how I wanted my print to look like when stitched, so I went ahead and started styling all the outfits for the summer and winter collections for the company’s posters and TV commercials.

Q2: Do you have professional training, and do you feel it’s essential for a designer to have a professional education?

A2: I am a textile designer by profession, but our course included fashion designing also in Melbourne Australia.

Q3: What inspires you to design prêt wear, instead of formals and semi formals?

A3: I just love prêt wear and seeing girls/women wear an Aisha alam shirt on a daily basis where ever I go makes my day

Q4: What is the over-riding aesthetic in your designing?

A4: My unique cuts

Q5: Is it hard to differentiate yourself from other designers in this saturated market?

A5: not at all! I have a unique sense of style which is diff from all the stuff out there.

Q6: How important is it in today’s world to have a specific identity for your brand?

A6: people come to me because they know they will find amazing cuts, excellent stitching and a great price all in one….. So a specific identity is everything cause that what will draw them to you in the first place

Why prêt?

Q1: Do you feel the off-the-rack market is limited to prêt wear or is it being expanded to semi formals and formals also?

A1: I think it expanded to semi formal and formal a long time back.

Q2: What role do you think price points play in the success of a prêt line?

A2: the right price is EVERYTHING! A woman who wants to pick up stylish readymade clothes for everyday will pick up a shirt in the 3500 to 5000 range in a heartbeat but def not if the same thing is 7000 r.s

Q3: Describe the Aisha Alam woman.

A3: the AISHA ALAM  woman is a modern confident everyday woman who loves the minimalist styles and walks like she is on the runway!

Q4: Do you think prêt is defined by a price point or by a sensibility?

A4: price point

Q5: Are you planning to launch your own store or does sticking to multi-brand stores work for your business model?

A5: I would love to launch my own store when the time is right… At the moment stocking at multibrand stores is working out just fine for me.

The business of fashion:

Q1: Is fashion truly a viable business now, or is it still a hobby for most?

A1: it’s def a viable business as there is a designer on every street now!

Q2: Do you think most people in the fashion industry have now adopted a professional ethos or is professionalism still lacking?

A2: I would say the newer lot is very professional.

Q3: What suggestions would you give to a newcomer that will help her develop a sustainable business plan?

A3: Never compromise on quality and Make sure your price is right

Q4: Do you think it’s better to work with a cut and stitch unit or establish one’s own factory unit?

A4: your own unit if you plan to grow really big

Q5: As a mother and wife, do you think fashion is a difficult industry to enter or do you think it’s perfect for a working woman.

A5: Well let me tell you that I have never worked this hard in my life … Stocking at six top multibrand stores across the country  requires a lot of professional and organizational skills but I do not think it is a difficult industry to enter at all.. It is difficult to stay afloat once u enters!

Personal style:

Q1: How would you define your sense of style?

A1: modern … Feminine! I am drawn towards simplicity and clean lines

Q2: What colors do you like wearing and what colors do you stay away from?

A2: I love blacks, navy blues and all shades of pink but I really dislike light blue

Q3: What’s your day bag?

A3: coach tote

Q4: What kind of shoes does you like wearing during the day?

A4: wedges

Q5:  What’s your favorite accessory for evening wear?

A5: Statement earrings

The textile designer alias fashion designer Aisha Alam talks about her love for designing pret wear in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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