Fashion Central Talks with Abbas Hasan

Having started off his career through the prestigious platform of Disney, French heartthrob Abbas Hasan is no stranger to the limelight. Over the years, the star has gone on to win titles such as Artist Of The Year and The Next Big Thing through esteemed publications such as Hello! India.

Abbas is regularly seen making news for his association with Bollywood bigwigs such as Shreya Ghoshal, Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and the King SRK himself! Abbas just released his latest single which is a collaboration with DJ Khushi, who is also Shahrukh Khan’s official DJ. The track is topping charts everywhere, and we at Fashion Central got a chance to catch up with Abbas exclusively.

Read on to find out about the popular singer’s past & upcoming projects, what music he enjoys listening to, some style tips and much more!

1. So let’s start with the release of your collaboration with DJ Khushi. How did this happen? What was the experience like of working with a renowned DJ like him?

After touring with Shahrukh Khan and doing an advert with him, I found it funny when I discovered that Khushi is his official DJ. Khushi is known as the party king in Bombay and he’s always on the decks at every major industry event, whether it’s Filmfare Awards or Zee Cine Awards so we happened to cross paths many times in different countries and at different events over the past two years. Then finally at the Times of India Film Awards in Vancouver I was there to perform and he was DJing, and we had a lot more time to connect musically and discuss ideas.


2. How has the response to the song been so far?

I was really pleased and surprised at the response, specially considering that remixes don’t usually get so much attention. It’s really cool to see “Jaan Ke Vaaste” be rediscovered in Asia with a new more club-oriented twist. It just made sense to share it with the fans as a treat and it’s exciting to hear it’s pounding from clubs in Mumbai to London!

3. It is believed that a singer’s songs reflect personal experiences. Is that true in your case? Do you draw inspiration from real life while working on music?

I think every artist is different. For me, every song is something very personal and I feel it always bares a different part of me. My songs are often inspired by personal experiences, or something I’m feeling, thinking or even dreaming about. But I think my fans respond the way they do because ultimately everything I do comes from a sincere place. When I get into studio I always work on something that moves me – whether physically, as in the case of dance music, or emotionally for example when I write ballads. Each song is a different journey.

4. Which songs are you listening to lately?

My taste in music is disturbingly eclectic. I’m listening to everything from Avicii to Abida Parvin. But mainly these days I seem to be oscillating between rock music, dance music and middle-eastern music.

5. Did your family ever have doubts about your career choice or have they always been supportive?

I’m really grateful to my family for always being so supportive. When you decide to become an artist it’s often a tough transition for your close ones to constantly be reading different things about you in the news and hearing others talking about you. But my family’s really cool and being an artist is something to be celebrated rather than stifled.

6. Since this interview is with Fashion Central, could you please share some fashion tips with our readers? What is your own fashion style like?

Well it’s been very flattering to be called a style icon in the press, but I think it’s just a result of growing up in Paris. To be honest I never over-think it too much. I just wear clothes that express how I feel and that I feel comfortable in. I’m often drawn to designers that push boundaries such as Alexander McQueen or Jean Paul Gaultier and that’s why it’s always special when I get to collaborate with such big fashion houses.

Sometimes my style team turns up the volume and we go a little eccentric like we did for Fashion Parade in London, where I turned up wearing a ‘medieval punk’ look complete with armour and fur. I think it’s cool not to take it too seriously and sometimes just have a sense of humour with it. But for the most part I love my classics. It’s about having tailored blazers and sophisticated pieces that fit your body well.

Humaima Malik

7. You have been touring a lot with Bollywood stars. Can we expect a track in a Bollywood movie from you in the future?

I have to try really hard not to reveal anything! Yes, the past year’s been amazing and touring with Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Shreya Ghoshal etc was an incredible experience. I think headlining at the Times of India Film Awards has been a real highlight and all I can say is that you guys should stay tuned to see what’s coming next!

8. You are also an actor and model besides being a singer. Which out of these three do you enjoy doing the most?

Deep down I always consider myself a musician first and foremost, because I think that’s my language as an artist. It’s the medium that I connect with most. But Acting and modelling bring out another side of me. I had an amazing time going to India and working with a Filmfare award-winning director on my South Indian debut film. Modelling was what got the ball rolling for me in the UK and I guess I enjoy it most when I work with someone who has a creative vision and something different to say through images or fashion.

9. What has been your career’s turning point?

There have been so many incredible moments that it’s hard to define one turning point. Working with Disney as a child help develop my music foundation, but then I suppose getting signed by Rishi Rich was the real turning point for me when I moved to London. My debut single with him hit number 1 and it started this crazy journey for me. Since then I’m grateful for all the amazing twists this global journey is taking me on, and I can’t wait to share what’s coming up next.

10. Your last music video with Humaima received a great response from Pakistan – especially your on-screen chemistry with her. Which personality do you plan on working with in your next video?

I find it amusing to see all the girls the press keep linking me to regarding my upcoming projects. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that it’s not Freida Pinto or Mahira Khan!

Abbas Hasan

11. Message for your fans in Pakistan?

I just want to say a huge thank you to all my amazing fans in Pakistan. Your love and support always means so much to me and I can’t wait to come over and perform for you in person. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in touch when I’m traveling all over the place but you’re always in my heart and I try and reply as much as possible. I love to hear from you all and stay in touch.

An exclusive interview of the most incredible and talented Abbas Hasan with Fashion Central.

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