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1. Lets start this interview by talking of your father Nazakat Ali. Do you consider him your mentor and guru?

Yeah he’s my Mentor & Guru, i took my music training from him & my Uncle Hassan Sadiq, they still teach me.

2. We understand that as a teen ager you started your career by arranging musical shows. When exactly did you discover your singing ability?

My singing ability was discovered at a very young age,as i belong to a family of singers & musicians where they start teaching their children music at very young age so my dad made me do my first ever ‘Alaap’ when i was about 3-4 years old.

3. In the initial period, were there any hicups and failings?

Nope, i’ve al-hamdulillah always been very fortunate even before & after starting my music career, before i went to dubai & india for saregamapa i had an offer from a very well-known musical band of pakistan Mekaal Hassan to join them as a lead vocalist, i joined them as a lead vocalist, did concerts with them in several cities of pakistan, also performed on some TV channels, that was my first ever achievement on a bigger scale at the age of 18 apart from winning Naat, National Song & singing competition in school & College.

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4. Please tell us about success at the Middle East Pakistan Challenge where you aggregated millions of votes?

Middle East Pakistan challenge had been a wonderful journey, so much fun, new experiences & discoveries. My biggest dream of life had come true, performing before such big legends like Alka Yaghnik, Ismail Darbar, Bappi Lehri, Nafees Khan & many more was the best experience ever & getting appreciation & standing ovations from such people was not less than a dream, that’s where my musical journey started from, after winning Middle East Pakistan Challenge i was called to india for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa World Cup of Singers, Ismail Darbar Sahab was the one who liked my performances so much that he convinced Zee Tv to do Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on an international level, just because he wanted me to participate & represent him as a Mentor.

5. How do you perceive classical music and how can it be made more popular to millions who otherwise have a great ear for pop but not classical?

Well Classical music was never something which can go to Millions of people, there’s always been a particular class & group of people who understand classical music, but unfortunately we have a very small number of people in pakistan who understand & listen to classical music as compared to india, i think we should also promote singers from big Music families of pakistan & bring them on the main stream so our masses know what classical music is.

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6. You were heralded as a great discovery by icons like Farah Khan and Jagjit Singh. Did that affect your humble touch and nature. As a youngster such praises can make you arrogant?

No, al-hamdulillah because i believe in humbleness & modesty, that’s what Allah likes too. I think one should keep going up & up, that’s possible only if you stay grounded, once you think you’ve become something you’re GONE!

7. When you performed with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and were rewarded a nominal sum of Rs 500, did you save that currency note and got it signed and framed as a part of your archives?

That’s probably one of the biggest achievements of my life, can never forget that, yeah i still have that currency note.

8. You play with different tunes and melodies. How does the flexibility remain stable and rhythmic Is it constant practice or merely a gift of Nature?

It’s gift of nature & ofcourse Practice & Riyaaz.

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9. Can you tell us about your albums. How much effort is needed to produce a personal album?

My debut album Kohram was released in 2009, the next album is AAS which is ready to release soon insha’Allah, Music albums require a lot of hard work & efforts, during album recordings studios become our second home, we sit there, we eat there, we work there & sometimes we have to sleep there too lol

10. We would love to hear about the moments when you performed in the Unforgettable concert which showcased the Bachchan family?

yeah that was my 3rd world tour after coming back from india, which was an unforgettable experience, having the best crowds in the big cities of USA & CANADA.

11. Would it be OK to compare the technical facilities available in Pakistan and those available in India?

NO!!! We are lagging behind!! They are far ahead.

12. To keep your voice in super shape what sacrifices are needed as far food is concerned. What items are normally missed out although you would love to have them?

Answer: ummm i love achaaar & khatti meethi chatniyaan with food <3 but am always scolded by dad for having it .well things like cold drinks, icecreams, yogurt etc are strictly prohibited to keep your voice in super shape.

13. Regarding the advances of the feminine section and their adoration for you, how do you keep scandals away?

I don’t care about scandals & all, i think being a part of showbiz you’ve to be ok with such things‎

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14. Are you willing to help young and talented singers, when they seek your guidance?

Yeah i have great plans for them, which are yet to be disclosed, like i gave chance to this amazingly talented girl Maria Meer who was rejected by the judges of Pakistan Idol, i have similar plans for our young generation too, a true talent should not go waste i feel very bad looking at how we don’t have good platforms in the country where youngsters can showcase their talent & make their dreams come true,

then we throw a fit on people who go to india to showcase their talent? What else do they do, all an artist wishes to have is appreciation & fame, that they can only get through big platforms in the country, well i will try my best to do something for them insha’Allah.

Amanat Ali, a young multi-talented Pakistani singer exclusive interview about his career, education, personal goals and much more is just right here for his fans

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