Fashion Central Exclusive Talk with Fashion Designer Omar Mansoor

1. You are regarded as a designer who has undergone formal education in Fashion Design. Does that give you an edge over other designers?

I personally feel that education saves your time and you are more ready when you enter the market though the learning process never stops.

2. How do you make sure that your trendy themes get accepted by your clients that include aristocracy, socialites, actresses and international royalty?

By merging the muse with my signature style and prevailing trends in order to get maximum clientele. Many celebrities and royal clientele prefer bespoke pieces.

3. Please share with us your drapery tailoring techniques and design aesthetics.

Every woman wants to have impactful look that’s also easy to wear- that’s all we keep in mind while draping the mannequins. Understated style depicting charm is part of our design aesthetics.

4. You are now known for your ability to enhance the captivating class of a woman. How is this ability and dexterity managed and kept intact?

Every client is a brand ambassador and one satisfied client refers you to others so nothing is more convincing than a word of mouth.

5. Is it correct to state that you have revolutionized modern trends?

I beg to differ- definitely!

6. By enabling women to feel more confident through challenges of fashion upheaval, you have acquired the status of a superb enabler. Any comments and how does it make you feel?

The feeling when a satisfied client gets appreciation after wearing the dress of her dreams, is awesome and self rewarding.

7. How was the experience of showcasing “After the Dance” collection inspired by British Theater at London Fashion Week?

‘’ After The Dance’’ was a detailed collection as it was competing not just with fashion but also the title and the theatre performance. Being one of the epic British classics- there was too critical analysis to be done and the collection was meant to satisfy quite a few aspects- which were achieved with the help of many industry professionals.

8. Being a Pakistani, How difficult it was to penetrate the highly competitive fashion industry in London?

It’s difficult to start up any kind of entrepreneurship in any part of the world- challenges were there for me as they were for others. But when you are resilient then things start turning your way eventually after some time.

9. You have also judged contestants. Do you consider this as an acknowledgement of your superb talent and ability?

The organizers who invite me to judge- can answer this better. But yeah I enjoy the judging task too! 

10. Can you share with us significant aspects of the documentary BBC made on your journey in 2015?

The BBC covered my journey from scratch till then, covering where I hail from, may background, how I started, whom I dressed, where I’ve been featured and where I am now.

London-based Pakistani fashion designer Omar Mansoor tells us how his trendy themes get accepted by clients that include aristocracy, socialites, actresses and international Royalty.

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