Fashion Central Exclusive Talk with Designer Zil E Batool of Zil _ Jewelry & Accessories

1. How do you perceive fashion and style, what impact does it form in terms of Jewellery?

Fashion itself is a popular style, that can vary in different manners but yes in terms of Jewelry it enhance the beauty of adorning one’s self by his or her choice of aesthetic. In the current age everyone loves to wear jewelry whether a women or a man, from wearable functional jewelry to non-wearable jewelry as sculpture aesthetic attracts the eye of beholder and this is what I believe in while creating every design whether it’s a part of my commercial jewelry or conceptual Jewelry.

2. What inspired you to become a Jewelry Designer?

My drawings always triggered me to communicate through intricate and minimal motifs; therefore I found jewelry as mini sculpture that was my urge to explore mixed materials, gems and contemporary approach to revise the traditional designs into new forms.

3. How do you stay up to date with new trends?

For me the new forms are important for instance previously long earrings used to wear even at a workplace but today the customer is well aware for what to wear and when, that actually makes my life easier to concentrate on design and its functionality besides that when I create the piece it suggests the customer by itself that what suits them the best.

4. Who is your ideal guru in Jewelry Design field?

I idealize Louis Cartier being a successful businessmen and Cartier’s best ever Jewelry collections worth to educate anyone in this filed.  René Lalique, Henry Dunay and above all in conceptual jewelry of Salvador Dali with his precious mini sculptural pieces always been my center of attraction. But in traditional Jewelry nothing can defeat the elegant, extravagant Mughal motifs , Nizam’s Jewelry treasure made a great impact upon me to understand how I can revise the traditional motifs with fusion of materials , imitation Kundan with concave mirrors  is one such example that is no less than the real kundan with gold.

5. What is the biggest challenge about being a jewellery designer?

Hmmm,… well nothing but the ignorance of the customer who has worth to pay for an exclusive product but these days people buy  whatever they like and especially the artificial jewelry is inn to attract every class. Yet I believe in design and creativity that attracts the client at any cost and I think that would be a new trend to make a good market in the next few years. Strong aesthetics always appeal good strength.

6. Kindly share with us what projects are you working on?

I has recently participated in Jun 2015 at the 52nd Saint Marie aux Mines / Minerals & Gems Show in Alsace, France. I am working for conceptual jewelry titled Transmission -exhibition at Montpellier, France on 20th Oct 2015. It is an interesting installation of a neck piece which is also used in my video art as prop as well , in this regard I am not just exhibiting jewelry, in fact it’s an artwork that will portray jewelry as sculpture. Coming up next are exhibition of my brand Zil_ Jewelry & accessories and many more exciting art projects.

7. Any special likings for a particular material or do you just choose out of what is available?

I am selective being aesthetically sound to project the accurate material according to the design that I create. But I always try to manage my customer’s need in terms of budget. End of the day I have to make my customer happy, therefore I give maximum possibilities to my clients to choose the best they like but this for customized Jewelry. The manufactured articles are mainly in mixed materials. But above all I am maintaining the quality of my product that is my major concern to give strength to precious gems.

8. Where do you see your label in the next 5 years?

Must be at an international platform where I can exhibit the exclusive culture art and aesthetics of my land through my rich creativity to adorn a good strength through contemporary Jewelry under the shed of my brand.

9. Where would you like your career in this field to lead you to?

I am establishing my brand at the moment to a level where I would be able to provide the best product with best design and best quality materials; therefore I have a strong believe in myself after My God that hard work and consistency always shine a new sun for an achiever.

10. Is customer’s criticism any help in making creative designs?

Yes it does, in fact customer is the boss and in terms of adornment you can’t force anyone to wear something without his or her will. Customer is always right yet I also intervene to assist my client to understand the best aesthetics and towards an affordable quality Jewelry piece.

11. Do you also aim for international exposure?

Offcourse I am already working on many projects at international platforms , yet the base of my thoughts always enrich the understanding towards my land’s rich culture, art and heritage that always comes first to project my work in front of the world. International or national exposure is nothing till the time one understands the dynamics of its creativity and the purpose of projecting that work even if its jewelry.

Jewelry designer Zil E Batool exclusive interview about his career, education, personal goals and much more is just right here for his fans.

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