Fashion Central Exclusive Talk with Designer Naseej Apparel

1. How do you perceive fashion and style?

To be honest Fashion and style if we look at them as one, can be anything that is not a cliché, you can play with different modes of clothing provided that how well they sync. Although my work is completely different it’s more about fabrics and embroideries rather than cuts and drapes.

2. What inspired you to become a Fashion Designer?

The aesthetic sense I believe was the driving force. Naseej initially was a family based work and in my family i have a lot of talented people Alhumdulilah, my sister is a textile designer from NCA, my mother has always been an enthusiast when it comes to designing, home making, gardening etc. I personally have an eye for correct order of things, photography and direction.  Hence Naseej was the best way to tune a lot of talent and create something unique out of it.

3. How do you stay up to date with fashion?

Well in the bedding section the competition is relatively less, seldom we find a home-fashion “designer” so majorly I am the trend setters in this area.

4. Do have any ideal fashion guru?

In my field fashion gurus have less significance although there’s competition; there are people out there who are doing some really wonderful and inspiring work. Although my aim is to provide something that is not available in the market hence I keep a close eye’s on competitors and produce something out of the box.

5. What is the biggest challenge about being a designer?

The biggest challenge in fashion designing is definitely attaining economies of scale, because designer work is not produced in bulk, it is not cost efficient. To create a product that is unique, attractive and cost efficient all at the same time is the challenge.

6. Kindly share with us what projects are you working on?

There are quite a lot of things that I am working on nowadays, some of them I would like to keep a secret you’d know when it would come out. As far as the products are concerned I am planning to target a larger pool by bringing in new product lines of baby cot sets and accessories, plus also completing work on bridal room solutions, that would include everything that is required in a bride’s room starting from bedding, towels, curtains, furniture etc.

7. Any special likings for a particular fabric or do you just choose out of what is available?

Cotton sateen, jacquard, silk and Egyptian cotton has been used in many of our products but I am not restricted to any particular fabric in general.

8. Where do you see your label in the next 5 years?

Well my hopes are high, i work hard and aim high let’s see what the future holds for Nassej but I am positive that it’s going to be big internationally inshAllah.

9. Where would you like your career in fashion to lead you to?

It’s probably the most interesting career one can opt for, so much creativity you have a blank canvas you can create whatever you want. I just want to create good products for or customers and make Naseej bigger.

10. Is customer’s criticism any help in making creative designs?

Yeah I believe whoever is working in this field would know exactly that customer criticism is a learning process through which we actually come to know what are customer’s needs and wants, given a specific market, plus demands of customers vary from area to area, people of different cities have different tastes.

11. Do you also aim for international exposure?

It’s a big YES, we already are selling in different countries as of right now based on customer demand. Although retail stores in some countries are a part of our future plans.

In an exclusive interview with Faizan of Naseej Apparel, the designer shared with us that the considers designing the most interesting career one can opt for.

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