Fashion Central Exclusive Talk with Designer Studio Nafay

Fashion is what is in vogue, normally what is popular in the west, and especially in such countries as Italy and France, are considered as ‘in’; though, it may be possible that it may not suit our climate.

How do you perceive fashion and style?

Fashion is what is in vogue, normally what is popular in the west, and especially in such countries as Italy and France, are considered as ‘in’; though, it may be possible that it may not suit our climate. Then again movies, and especially Indian movies start trends, which reaches across the border, and achieves recognition; even movie names are used as brands. However, style is what makes one exclusive. It is style which creates distinction between the ‘commons’ and the ‘rares’ . It is a combination of physique, fabric, design, hues and shades, and especially how and where one carries it. It brings out body profile and creates an aura around the dressed, to an extent that everyone who sees, gives it a look, even a stare of admiration.

What inspired you to become a Fashion Designer?

Creativity is my second nature; be it a pencil sketch, a water colour painting, a work in oil; or an exclusive design. I have always loved to be unique, not only different, but distinguished. I desired the world to look beautiful, enhancing the gifts of nature through bringing out the concealed beauty of every physique. Therefore, I preferred Fashion Designing as my major profession.

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

I am constantly in touch with international markets, through the social media, and fashion magazines. Besides, my family is spread into different continents, and so compared to many, it is easier for me to be up-to-date in fashions and styles. From the last so many years, I am designing dresses for my cousins, aunts and their friends, and exporting to such places as Dallas, Toronto, Ottawa, Munich, Berlin, etc.

Which fashion guruis your ideal?

I’m not following anyone, I just want my own style of creativity and ideas to be recognized as a turning point in Fashion extravaganza.

What is the biggest challenge about being a costume designer?

To me one of the biggest challenge has been steady resources, and as such I am now in contact with many manufacturing industries, who can provide me my required fabric as and when I want. Another challenge is commitment; which I have experienced, is lacking in our service industry. Primarily it is difficult to get a highly skilled professional, and then to retain.

Kindly share with us what projects are you working on?

Summers have just commenced over here, so there are a quite a lot of things that I’m working on nowadays. As far as the designs and colors are concerned, I’m focusing on pastels and summer fabrics with a sophisticated, less heavy but eye-catching look because our women want elegance in appearance while simultaneously they want dresses according to climate which should keep them ‘cool’ and looks ‘cool’.

Any special likings for a particular fabric or do you just choose out of what is available?

I prefer chiffons as the flow creates an unmatched charisma, especially at elite evening parties; and as for bridals, a combination of chiffons, silk and velvet, gives a ‘touch of class’.

Where do you see your label in the next 5 years?

Well, I always aim high and want to be the best among all. My ideas are leading me towards success every passing day; you will know when it would be done, as to what the future holds for ‘Studio Nafay’.

Where would you like your career in fashion to lead you to?

I think designing is something one cannot teach someone, it’s a God gifted thing and my instincts are enhancing my ideas of creativity. When it comes to fashion, I want to have a significant place in the industry and to create my own style that will become my identity.

Is customer’s criticism any help in making creative designs

Being in service industry one has to accept customers’ criticism; and what I have learnt through my experience is that customers criticize when we are below their expectations, which in other words means that they are aware that we are highly capable to be the best.

Do you also aim for international exposure?

My real objective is to compete with international brands. Some of my core favourite designers are Ralph & Russo and Elie Saab. I want to spread a positive image of Pakistan In International markets through our label.

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