Fall 2014 Beauty Trend: Blue Eyed Girls

Beauty trends are the ones which are given the most attention, especially by girls. From dresses to stilettos to makeup to colors, every single detail requires much attention to get that perfect look which is in perfect accordance with the ongoing fashion. This is the reason why the fashion industry is flourishing to a level beyond imagination and the experts have no time! They are busy predicting the fashion trends and making efforts to make the general public aware of the hype so everyone can get to experience an astounding look in Fall 2014! 

Fall 2014 has brought a unique combination of makeup and colors which is perfect to make you appear bewildering. Though orchid and orange is the color in vogue for lips, eyes are a little different. Metallic eyes is the trend and you can couple it with contrasting lip colors to give you the look you want!

Metallic eyes go perfectly with nude lip shades and make up a great combination for Fall 2014. Bronze, silver, gold or blue can be rightly worn on the eyes or you can keep them simple with a little smoky touch! What you need to know is that calm makeup is for day times, whereas night calls for bright, vibrant makeup.


As the beauty trend for Fall 2014 is Blue Eyed Girls, you must know how to wear blue during different timings of the day. You can contrast blue eyes with nude lip shades during the daytime to give a soothing look and as far as night is concerned, create a dramatic and dark appearance by coupling it with darker lip shades. 

Create a smoky look by using shades such as indigo, navy, cobalt as well as baby blue with graphic liner and see your eyes appear glamorous! This is the trend that has been seen in vogue since fall has arrived. Using a dark lipstick like blood red or maroon will make you all ready to attend a formal dinner or an auspicious event!

To be a makeup lover needs you to be able to play with the colors and use your artistic sense to create different and unique look! Create cat eyes using blue glitter layers and you are perfect for a party!


This is a perfect look for a party or a formal gathering and appears to be awesome! Just apply the shimmery blue shadow above the crease with shimmery pink or peach beneath. Match it with a dazzling, glossy lipstick and nail the stage!

Perfect for girls who are in their teens! Create a dazzling look by applying electric blue eyeliner across the lower lash line for a day out with friends. The electric color will give you a fresh look and divert the attention of others from any flaws! 

Create this simple yet alluring look just by applying a blue eye liner across the top lashes. Whether you are a teenage girl, a middle aged working woman or an aged graceful lady, this look couples elegance with style and you will rock hearts!


Eyeliner winged out to a small point is in fashion since quite some time! Apply a blue liner in the same manner and make your eyes appear attractive, charming and glamorous! Just add a peach-ish touch to your face with a glossy-matte peach lipstick and you are perfect for a evening!

Whatsoever is in vogue, just remember to match it to your personality and give fashion a new name!

A glance at some beauty trends of Fall 2014 with a focus on the blue eyes. Follow the trend, but match it to your style! The shade must be applied in accordance with the event, timing and personality.

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