Exclusive talk with Young and Talented Model and Actor Furqan Shafi

You are a very handsome man and please share with us how you feel when you are complimented for your good looks and physique?

Furqan: It feels great whenever someone admires me and as far as media person is concerned, it’s an achievement of an artist when people praise about personality and work.

How do you keep yourself in good shape? Is it just God gifted or you have to work hard in the gym?

Furqan: Undoubtedly it’s a blessing that I have got good shape but yes Gym & Walk is in my routine.

Please tell us about your daily diet plan and how do you avoid eating unnecessarily?

Furqan: I think I am a good diet planner but sometimes execution of the plan is as difficult as it looks as I am a food lover.

How did you feel when you performed at the first modeling assignment?

Furqan: It was a dream come true but on the other side it was difficult as we don’t have proper training schools for modeling and acting.

You are multi-talented and besides modeling you have performed in TV Dramas and as a presenter on Radio 101. How do you manage to achieve this?

Furqan: Yes, It’s difficult to manage all this simultaneously, but blessing of GOD, inner confidence and motivation of family & friends were all time big support in my personal and professional life.

You are Highly educated and we hope the education has helped you in life and in your current career. How do you manage combining your educational skills with acting and modelling?

Furqan: Education supports me in understanding the things and to handle different situations in good manners, In this era of globalization, where show biz industry is growing internationally , one must have enough education to cope up with multi requirements of the fashion field.

By your presence at fashion shows do you add value and grace to the occasion. do you face any difficulties in coming up to expectations of the audiences and organizers?

Furqan: Yes I do add value and the audience applauds my performance.

Any plan of going in to films?

Furqan: Big screen is another charm these days and I will definitely go if I am given a chance to show my skills.

Do you think it is necessary to get formal training in the arts to succeed?

Furqan: Not necessarily but yes training can polish someone’s skill and can lead to a speedy growth.

Fashion model Furqan shafi is one such exemplary model, who is establishing his name among the other top fashion models.

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