Exclusive Talk with Teena by Hina Butt

This week, the spotlight shines on the fabulous fashion designer and politician Hina Butt, the brains behind the amazing clothing brand Teena. Here’s what she had to say about her design aesthetic, her beautiful upcoming collection for Eid and more.

Why did you take up fashion designing?

I always wanted to open my own fashion house. When I was graduating from Lums and I learnt entrepreneurship I wanted to start business of fashion as I loved dressing up and I had a natural instinct to dress well. Even in Lums everyone used to love what I wore and I used to design for my family and friends so I thought if I want to launch my own business the best thing is the fusion of both. Using the business skills I learnt and my fashion instinct, I launched my brand Teena.

Please share with us features and outlook of your style?

‎Bold and experimental I like to wear different cuts and colors. Accessorizing appropriately is also very important to achieve the look. You should be the spot light at the party and that is what we keep in mind also when designing for the brand.

Teena is an attractive and catchy name. How did you pick it up?

Teena means inspiring people it’s also my nick name and the name is more catchy and I wanted the brand name to be different than my real name.

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We understand that besides being a designer you are also a politician. This is a rare combination. How do you manage?

Politics is my passion I love working for the country and help people and making an effort to improve the country. My brand is my baby as a entrepreneur I started my brand and I love working with my team planning collections. Both are equally challenging. Work delegation is important and setting up a team.

Briefly tell us about your designs and collection?

‎Off the rack semi formals. Nice cuts. Light semiformal. Elegant designs. Sleek cuts. We focus on off the rack semi formals available at sugar coated prices in nice cuts and colors.

Your Eid Collection has been a big success. Do you feel the same way?

Yes it was Flirty and Feminine with a mystical fairy touch about it. And the customers really liked it.

teena dresses

Now there is a lot of competition with many designers coming up. Do you feel comfortable?

I think we should focus on one self only. Creating self competition is the key, setting goals for yourself and trying to achieve them. Self improvement is important. When you see other people doing well you feel the urge of self grooming and improvement.

How do you manage creativity and get advantage with regards to commercial sales?

For fashion shows and samples we focus on creativity but we make sure we make a Pret version of the sample for sales. Creativity cannot go unchecked cause ultimately it’s important that you sell also so the right balance is important.

teena latest collection

Who inspires you the most in the fashion industry? International and local.

Elle Saab. Local: Nilofer Shahid, Elan, Bunto Kazmi and Faraz Manan.

Tell us something about the trends this season?

‎Trend I wish would go away: Short knee length culottes (palazo). They don’t suit everyone especially short women, only taller sleeker women can carry them.

An exclusive interview of the most talented designer in fashion world Hina Butt with Fashion Central.

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