Exclusive Interview of Fashion Designer Ambreen Ali

Ambreen Ali, a Fashion Designer with the fashion label name ‘Ambreen Ali’ is a highly professional yet talented fashion designer in Pakistan. Ambreen recently launched its designer label for the fashion seeking women of all ages. Studied from University of Scranton, Pennsylvani with specialization in Marketing, Brand Management. Ambreen is a very creative fashion enthusiast who has made her name in a very short span of time. Her designs ethos are magnificently imaginative, enchanting and alluring.

1. Tell me about yourself?

I graduated from Lahore School of Economics and completed my post graduate degree with majors in Marketing from University of Scranton, Pennsylvani. I started my career as a banker at Bank Alfalah Pvt Ltd. After few years I thought of stepping into lectureship and taught diligently in Lahore School of Economics. Also taught in Lacas for a year or so. I am happily married lady with 2 sons. I belonged to a bureaucrat family. My husband was also a banker.

2. What are your biggest strengths?

My biggest strength is my self confidence that I receive from family and husbands support. They have equally supported me through the entire thick and thin. My passion for work, hardworking nature and determination are the key strengths of mine that make me achieve my goal efficiently and quickly.

3. Whats your star and Date of Birth?

I am Sagittarian, born in 1977.

4. What are your career goals?

Started from a very different career path, I mutually decided with my husband to start up our own fashion label leaving behind our banking jobs. It was very risk aversive of us to took this decision , spent all nighters to came up with the most solid plan on how strong we need to position our fashion brand when they are already so many in the league.

5. What skills are important for a successful career in fashion design?

In my opinion, designers have to either combine marketing intelligence or artistic vision themselves. Diligence, compassion and persistence by keeping up the quality work. Creative and technical skills are the most sills a fashion designer should have. Along with sketching and constructing original products, designers constantly study the industry to stay informed of current trends and to be able to forecast future styles.

6. Have you gained any hands on experience via professional training?

Yes I have gained hands-on experience through internships and assistant positions. I complete 4 fashion designing diplomas to gain insights to develop the most trendy outfits for the variety and fashion seeking women.

7. In what general area of design do you work or wish to work?

The areas are generally divided into two groups: Hot Couture fashion (where unique cat-walk garments are created mostly without practical considerations). Pret a Porter (small collections), Bridal Wears (high end fashion) – you will be appreciated and find plenty of work.

8. How do you stay up to date with fashion?

I am a good reader and a perfect listener when it comes to fashion. Mostly stay current by reading magazines, browsing the internet, attending fashion shows, and studying technical manuals. I have studied the history of fashion to better understand its development and current tendencies.

9. Which fashion designer you ideal the most?

In my opinion Nilofer Shahid, Bunto Kazmi, HSY and Karma were the pioneers of bring the chic fashion in Pakistani Fashion Industry.

10. What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Being apart of this field is very exciting and you can’t actually identify which part to pick but still there are some. I think that the most important and challenging part of the process is when you translate your drawing into a real piece and it appears the same you conceptualized it.

Working with the fabrics and other textiles always require lot of knowledge, you can come across many difficulties because the materials might be problematic, or perhaps the idea on paper is not that easy to bring into reality. The other important factor is when people start recognizing your brand and spread word of mouth endorsements about you label.

11. What are your plans for the future?

For now, I plan to stay close to what is trendy and most in demand in fashion in order to acquire more experience and learn more about the famous eastern style. I’m also working on my first Fall/Winter collection and staying open to other interesting opportunities.

I want to make my name in the fashion industry as the most reasonable yet stylish designer label that could meet the fashion needs of women belonging to all age groups.

An exclusive interview of Ambreen Ali, who is a multi talented fashion designer popular for her hot couture and pret a porter silhouettes.

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